Forza Players [ 5 - 6 ]

Forza Players [ 5 - 6 ]

I got 5 used for ONE, good grafix and such but its the same maps and tracks every racing game has been using for years.

I get why, they are real racing tracks but not sure where the excitement is.

I played ToCA Race Driver 3  well beyond its graphical beauty.  But its like I already know these tracks, and perfect line on how to get through the fastest [ for my driving style], and where you can cut a corner, where you can drive in deep.....

What does 6 have over 5 cept for more HD stuff? 

The fastest way around the track doesn't change if in HD or not?


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They still gift cars, quite frequently theyve been doing it in Forza 6....

Forza lost the excitement for me , when they dropped the Auction House, Store front, Club Garages, Unicorn Cars , Gift Cars... etc... ,, Now its just another racing Game ... :-(... Not even a Christmas Gift car This year...... Bah Humbug