Forza or Dirt Racers with Steering Wheels

Wanted to get your opinions on the best wheel to use with Xbox.  Especially from the Forza racers.  With Forza 4 coming soon, I want to upgrade from my "stick" racing.  But don't know which wheel is the best.  Logitech made a really nice wheel for PS3 and GT5 users.  Is there one like it for Xbox?  The MS wheel looks cheap.  Does anyone use this one?  How do you like it?


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I use the MS wheel (have for years) on both road based sim racers (forza) and off road sim/arcade racers (dirt) and the construction quality is superb, being both "weighty" and sturdy as well as the force feedback being the best for the console...go for 1st party peripherals and you can never go wrong.

Yeah i use the MS wheel also. Allthough with Forza i am happy to just use the controller, but when playing F12010 i have to use the wheel. Dirt racers i have only really played demos and it seems to control all ok. Saying that though it sounds and looks like (after reading through different forums and reviews) you really need to get your wheel settings (deadzones etc) right for each individual game and road surface to fully appreciate it. I am happy with the MS wheel and glad i picked it up when i did cause it looks like they have stopped producing them.

thanks guys, I do appreciate your comments.