Forza Motorsport 4 (Unicorn Car) Hacker On The Loose

So basically some low life who rots in grandmas basement known as [Mod Removed] has apparently been selling unicorn cars illegally for US money as a profit. This *** has made over $400.00 scamming people into buying this crap. I am a victim of this garbage and think that enough is enough! I had to talk to a Forza moderator and convince him that I am just a person who didn't know any better. I had to waste my time calling Microsoft support, explaining to the manager that this behavior is unacceptable from [Mod Removed], and that he is a hacker playing on a hacked Xbox 360. Then now I have to write on the forums warning people of this crap. Did the moderater let me keep the unicorn car in the end and make me happy? YES! Am I pissed at the son of a *** that sold it to me? NO!



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By the way my second answer is YES! I am pissed at the idiot who sold it to me! Typo mistake....



I have a few questions for you.

1.  How do you know he has made over $400?

2.  Which Forza moderator did you discuss this with?

3.  Which unicorn car did you purchase from[Mod Removed]

4.  How do you know he's playing on a hacked Xbox?

5.  Why would anyone EVER think that buying content from another gamer could ever be 1) safe, 2) reasonable, and 3) within XBox Live ToS?

6.  Why aren't you banned from Forza and XBox?


what he said lol pretty stupi buying a unicorn car as T10 are only ones who can give them out

Unicorns cannot be bought off the auction house guys. You must win them or be gifted them by Turn 10. And good question Shotgun, why isn't he banned all ready?

I don't know why, but reading the subject line of this thread makes me chuckle..."hacker on the loose"...hide the women and children! lol

So I don't get it .... DID OP get the unicorn? If so, why is he mad about it?  And if you didn't... buyer beware. I've often thought I should answer those numerous spam messages from mw2 players looking for a hacked lobby for MSPoints... yeah sure buddy. Send me 1600 msp.  Ill hook you up. Lol

I was offered some millones...sounded funny to me...never fell for it. lol

whoops millions my bad

Well madriver if u post all your bank details on this post we will all send u some moneyz

Honest * cough cough*

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