Forza motorsport 4 and not a good service of the Microsoft helpdesk...'.'


 I was looking for the full game of forza motorsport 4.

I went to the marketplace and there stood full game.

I donloaded it and after downloading it seems to be only a demo.

so i started a chatconversation with the Microsoft helpdesk.

they said yes m'am that's true it is because of the trouble with Xbox live we send this to our engineers and then it will be fixed with in one will review an email about this.

well i wait and wait

next day I asked again they Dai they can't help my. Again a day later they sain this game ant available and now I get a promise but nothing more and still no game


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You may need to inquire with Turn 10 if you are still attempting to get a copy of Forza 4 digitally. They can be reached on

@mechberg, @ForzaMotorsport, @dan_greenawalt

These are the people you NEED to Tweet your complaints to.  Brian Ekberg - Community Manager, Dan Greenawalt - Head of TURN10, and the Forza Motorsport official Twitter account.

Flood their accounts with complaints and MAYBE we will get FM4 back?

^^^ No you wont. The DLC has reached the end of life. It's not up to Turn 10 or MS, the legal agreements with manufactures has reached the end. They are not going to shell out $$$$ to update contracts for a 4 year old game.

"Squeaky wheel gets the grease", so my american friends keep telling me!  As for FM4 being 4yrs old.  That's NOTHING! ...FM3 is still available ON-Demand, even if the DLC isn't  The legal eagles just need to AMEND the agreements.  Avoiding the expense of re-negotiations.

There is a lot of bad feeling in Forza-fandom, and MS Game Studios doesn't get off scot-free.  Allowing such a publicity faux-pas taints Turn10, MS Game Studios, XBox and Microsoft!  Any costs bringing this access to DLC back to fans WILL work out cheaper in the long run! it will with all the games that have suddenly acquired an EoL to try and kill the demand for XB360 servers.

That's a good theory but it really has not hurt them. If you have sales figures I would love to see them. The Forza community is still buying/playing Forza games for both system. 4 years is a fair amount of time as well for any game. Especially when it's nearly 3 years after a new system is out.

Check Ebay for Forza 4. Buy only the 2 disk set though.

The Essentials disk does not have all the content.

You cannot buy any DLC's from the Marketplace.