Forza Motorsport 4 Achievement Guide [FM4]


This thread will be Forza 4 Achievement Guide, With Links to other Guides That i or someone else posts.




Difficulty - 5/10

Est. Time - 200+ Hours



Welcome to Forza Motorsport         15
Complete the very first race in the game.

Simple Enough, You will Enter Your First race After the Loading Screen/Playing Career. You do not need to win the race, just complete it.

Driver Level 1                                      
Reach Driver Level 1 in Career mode.

See Driver Level 50

Driver Level 10
Reach Driver Level 10 in Career mode.

See Driver Level 50

Driver Level 20
Reach Driver Level 20 in Career mode.

See Driver Level 50

Driver Level 30                                       20
Reach Driver Level 30 in Career mode.

See Driver Level 50

Driver Level 40                                       20
Reach Driver Level 40 in Career mode.

See Driver Level 50

Driver Level 50
Reach Driver Level 50 in Career mode.

This Should come naturally by playing season mode and doing events on the event List. (Playing Online/Rivals Mode Will also increase your level)

Bucket List
Finish 1st in every single race in the Event List in Career play mode.

This is one of those harder achievements which will take you ages to complete, This achievement requires you to Come First in every single race in the event list (If you came in second place or below, just redo the event you lost in). Once you have Gold (1st Place) On The Event List the achievement should pop up) You Can also Hire a Driver.

Forza World Tourer                        60
Finish a race on every race track in Forza Motorsport 4

This achievement Should be done in a private match, it won't come as you progress through your career
If you don't want to wait, Then Do a Private Race With 1-8 AI or Players and progress through each track as you go along the line.

 This achievement will be updated once the game comes out)

 Total Circuits So Far: 130 Circuits


(Tracks are individually linked to the Tracks Detail Page)

 The current Tracks are:

- Benchmark ring (16 Circuits)

- Camino Viejo de Montserrat (7 Circuits)

- Circuit De Catalunya (3 Circuits)

- Berese alps (6 Circuits)

Fujimi Kaido (14 Circuits)

- Hockenheimring (4 Circuits)

- Iberian International Circuit (6 Circuits)

- IndianaPolis Motor Speedway (2 Circuits)

- Infineon Raceway (4 Circuits)

- Ladera Test track (6 Circuits)

- Le Mans Circuit De La Sarthe (2 Circuits)

- Maple Valley Raceway (4 Circuits)

- Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (1 Circuit)

- Mugello Autodromo Internazionale (2 Circuits)

- Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit (2 Circuits)

- Nurburgring Nordschleife (5 Circuits)

- Rally Di Positano (2 Circuits)

- Road America (1 Circuit)

- Road Atlanta (2 Circuits)

- Sebring International Raceway (3 Circuits)

- Sedona Raceway Park (10 Circuits)

- Silverstone Racing Circuit (3 Circuits)

- Sunset Peninsula Raceway (6 Circuits)

- Suzuka Circuit (3 Circuits)

- Top Gear Test Track (10 Circuits)

- Tsukuba Circuit (2 circuits)

- Twin Ring Motegi (4 Circuits)


A full list of tracks are:-

(Benchmark is not applicable as it's considered DLC)

And you need to run the P2P, Oval, and Drag sections of each circuit, but you won't need the time/weather variants - you just need to race on each variant.


1.) Bernese Alps
a. Festival Circuit
b. Stadplatz
c. Club Circuit
d. Festival Circuit Reverse
e. Stadplatz Reverse
f. Club Ciircuit Reverse
2.) Camino Viejo de Montserrat
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
c. Mini Circuit
d. Full Circuit Reverse
e. Short Circuit Revers
f. Mini Circuit Reverse
g. Extreme Circuit
3.) Circuit de Catalunya
a. Grand Prix Circuit
b. National Circuit
c. School Circuit
4.) Fujimi Kaido
a. Full Circuit
b. Full Circuit Reverse
c. Stage A
d. Stage B
e. Stage C
f. Stage D
g. Stage A Reverse
h. Stage B Reverse
i. Stage C Reverse
j. Stage D Reverse
k. Old Hill Climb
l. Old Down Hill
m. New Hill Climb
n. New Down Hill
5.) Hockenhiemring
a. Full Circuit
b. National Circuit
c. Short Circuit
d. Drag ¼ Mile
6.) Iberian International Circuit
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
c. Mini Circuit
d. Full Circuit Reverse
e. Short Circuit Reverse
f. Mini Circuit Reverse
7.) Indianapolis Motor Speedway
a. Grand Prix Circuit
b. The Brickyard Circuit
8.) Infineon Raceway
a. Long Course
b. Indy Racing League Circuit
c. NASCAR Circuit
d. Drag ¼ Mile
9.) Ladera Test Track
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
c. Mini Circuit
d. Full Circuit Reverse
e. Short Circuit Reverse
f. Mini Circuit Reverse
10.) Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe
a. Full Circuit
b. Old Mulsanne Circuit
11.) Maple Valley Raceway
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
c. Full Circuit Reverse
d. Short Circuit Reverse
12.) Mazda Laguna Seca
a. Full Circuit
13.) Mugello Autodromo Internazionale
a. Full Circuit
b. Club Circuit
14.) Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuit
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
15.) Nurburgring Nordschleife
a. Full Circuit
b. Stage A
c. Stage B
d. Stage C
e. Stage D
16.) Rally Di Positano
a. Full Circuit
b. Full Circuit reverse
17.) Road America
a. Full Circuit
18.) Road Atlanta
a. Full Circuit
b. Club Circuit
19.) Sebring International Speedway
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
c. Club Circuit
20.) Sedona Raceway Park
a. Full Circuit
b. Club Circuit
c. Full Circuit Reverse
d. Club Circuit Reverse
e. Speedway
f. Speedway Reverse
g. Drag 1/8 Mile
h. Drag ¼ Mile
i. Drag ½ Mile
j. Drag Mile
21.) Silverstone Racing Circuit
a. Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit
b. Silverstone International Circuit
c. Silverstone National Circuit
22.) Sunset Penninsula
a. Full Circuit
b. Club Circuit
c. Full Circuit Reverse
d. Club Circuit Reverse
e. Speedway
f. Speedway Reverse
23.) Suzuka Circuit
a. Full Circuit
b. West Circuit
c. East Circuit
24.) Benchmark Test Track
a. Speedway
b. Speedway Reverse
c. Layout A
d. Layout B
e. Layout C
f. Layout D
g. Layout E
h. Layout F
i. Layout A Reverse
j. Layout B Reverse
k. Layout C Reverse
l. Layout D Reverse
m. Layout E Reverse
n. Layout F Reverse
o. Drag ¼ Mile
p. Drag ½ Mile
25.) Top Gear Track
a. Full Circuit
b. Outer Loop
c. East Circuit
d. West Circuit
e. Outer Loop Reverse
f. East Circuit Reverse
g. West Circuit Reverse
h. Drag ¼ Mile
i. Drag ½ Mile
j. Drag Mile
26.) Tsukuba Circuit
a. Full Circuit
b. Short Circuit
27.) Twin Ring Motegi
a. Full Circuit
b. East Circuit
c. West Circuit
d. Super Speedway

(List was given by o Aperture o)


Amateur                                       25
Complete the first year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Clubman                                       25
Complete the Second year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Sports Man                                       25
Complete the Third year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Semi-Pro                                       25
Complete the fourth year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Expert                                       25
Complete the fifth year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Professional                              25
Complete the Sixth year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Unicorn Hunter                                       10
Be the winning bidder on any "unicorn" car in the Auction House.

This Will Be very hard. Usually Unicorn (RARE) Cars go in their millions (In Forza 3 they went for 999million Credits) Hopefully the price may be lower. The "Unicorn Hunter" Achievement will pop as soon as you import your profile from FM3, if you have any Unicorns in your FM3 garage.

The Unicorn Cars:

  • 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type-A
  • 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
  • 2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia
  • 2002 BMW M3-GTR "Street Version"
  • 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe
  • 2003 Ferrari Challenge Stradale
  • 2007 Shelby GT500
  • 2004 Mugen Civic Type-R
  • 2002 Mugen Integra Type-R
  • 2005 Honda NSX-R GT
  • 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
  • 2006 HKS Time Attack Evolution CT230R
  • 1993 MINE'S R32 Skyline GT-R
  • 2002 MINE'S R34 Skyline GT-R
  • 2004 Top Secret Silvia D1-Spec S15
  • 2006 Subaru Impreza S204
  • 2002 Top Secret 0-300 Supra

Grease Monkey                                       10
Create a car tuning file for your car.

A Very Simple achievement. Just go to upgrade -> Tuning and tune it a little, Then save the file and name it.
Or you can do an actual setup see:

[Guide] How to tune on Forza.
Free Tune List

Painter                                       10
Create a paint job or vinyl group for your car.

The Same Concept as "Grease Monkey" Only You will go Paint -> Paint Car, add a decal, Then Save the file.

Show Off                                       10
Upload a movie to

Requires Xbox Live Gold to upload movie files.
 Simple Enough, Watch a replay and select "Make Movie" Then Cut it to 30 seconds short, then upload it to forza Motorsport using the in-game editor.
Achievement Unlocked.

Entrepreneur                                 10
Sell a car tuning, paint job, or vinyl group from your storefront.

 Requires Xbox Live Gold membership.
Easy Enough, Just Upload a Paint Job/Tuning File/Vinyl to your storefront and get a friend to buy it.

Complete the seventh year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Complete the Eighth year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Complete the Ninth year of Season Play.

See Legend below

Complete the Tenth year of Season Play.

This Should Be easy, Just progress through the Season Play (Not Event List) And You Will Achieve Amateur to Legend Achievements for Completing Season 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9 & 10.

Speed Demon
Reach 240 mph in any car.

This achievement should be easy. Take A Stock or upgraded (Whatever preference you prefer) Bugatti Veyron on a long straight track (Le Mans - Old Mulsanne Circuit)

Car Explorer                               10
Fully explore any car in Autovista.

Very Easy Achievement. Just go to AutoVista Mode and fully explore a car.
(Can be done with a Controller or Kinect)

On Location                                       20
Take a photo of any car in every Home Space.

just Go from far left to far right, taking a photo and saving it. Upload them to your Storefront.  Make sure it is the same car in each of the different locations.

Star In A Reasonably Priced Car          10
Complete a lap around the Top Gear Test Track while driving a KIA cee'd.

Very Easy Go into Rivals Mode and go to Topgear Rivals you will then see a challenge called "A Reasonably Priced Car" Do it and do a full lap[.

Clubbed Up                                       15
Create or join a Car Club.

Xbox Live Gold Required.
Just Create a Club or join a Club.

My Car Is Your Car                                       10
Share a car in your garage with your Car Club.

This Requires you to be in a club (Most likely better of with friends) and give them the cheapest car you own. (Done In The Club Menu)

AutoCrosser                                       10
Complete 10 Autocross events without hitting gate cones.

Go Into Rivals Mode, Go Across to Autocross (The Shortest Track, Which is the Mazda Laguna Seca) Pretty Simple, Complete 10 Auto Cross Challenges Without hitting the cones.

Outta Time                                       10
Reach 88 mph in a DeLorean.

Can Be Done with a Stock or upgraded Delorean, Best done on Le Mans - Old Mulsanne Circuit or on the Top Gear Test Track 1 mile Drag Strip.

Daily Rewards                                       5
Visit the Message Center on at least five unique days.

Achievement says it all. Visit The message Center on fine Unique Days (Best Done With a friend and a design in the storefront And get him/her to buy it each day (Upload new ones each day)) And every day you play it Click the [LT] Or [RT] button to bring up the message center. I am unsure about this right now, but I seen that the message center also has its own menu, and updates you about clubs,events,storefront etc. You will also gain a Daily Credit bonus each time you login to Forza Motorsport 4.

Here's My Card                                       10
Create a custom playercard with badges and titles.
You will see a menu called "My Profile". Click it and then click "Edit Playercard" you should already have a few badges & Titles already from completing the first race.

Rival Shootout                                       10
Race and defeat an opponent in Rivals mode.

Best done with a friend or in the "Achievement Trading Thread" in "Rival Mode"

Legendary Battle                                       15
Beat a Ferrari 330 P4 in any race while driving a Ford GT40 Mark II.

Go To Private Match:
1 - Game Type - Circuit Race
2 - Track - Camino Viejo Short
3 - Max players - 2
4 - Max AI Players - 1
5 - AI Difficulty Easy
6 - Laps - 1
7 - Car Class = A
8 - Save those Settings
9 - Push Left on your left Joystick go down to the AI player and select change AI Car.
10 - Select ferrari 330 P4
11 - Race and win, achievement should pop up as you press continue.


Awesome Drift                                       20
Earn a perfect Drift score.

Earn 5000 Drift points in a single drift, The way i done was go into Rivals Mode, Drift zone and go to the challenge called "Top Secret Drifter" This takes you to suzuka Circuit, and is relatively easy to drift on.

Perfect Turn                                       15
Earn a perfect Turn Score.

Do This Without Crashing or Going off track and Try to stay on the racing line, (It goes by the racing Line) and you will get it. Keep a steady speed into and out of the corner.

Flat Out                                                5
Earn a perfect Speed score.

Travel at a high speed without crashing or going off track. (Best Done Le Mans - Old Mulsanne Circuit)

Nice Pass                                       15
Earn a perfect Pass score.

Pass an opponent or several opponents without crashing or going off track, Try and get close enough to make it a perfect pass, but don't crash.

Slipstreamin'                                       5
Earn a perfect Draft score.

  Slip streaming Or Drafting is where you stay behind your opponent without bumping/crashing into him/her. do this and you will earn the achievement.

Exclusive Taste                                       50
Own the five most expensive cars in the game (not including DLC).

1964 Ferrari 250 GTO (10m)

1967 Ferrari 330 P4 (9m)

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa (8m)

1958 Aston Martin DBR1 - 6 million credits

1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona (5m)

This may become Easy If you race every day with everything set to hard, to earn the most credits.

(These Items can be obtained via auction house or gifted)

Look Ma, No Controller!                                       5
Use Kinect to drive any car in Free Play.

This Will be difficult to get if you don't have kinect. If you know somebody who has kinect and is willing to let you borrow it for this achievement then go ahead. :)

  Factory Driver                                       60
Get any Car Manufacturer to Affinity level 50.
Drive All the Cars of a certain manufacturer, and level the "Manufacturer" (Not Car) Up to level 50, This may be difficult.

Born Competitor                                       30
Post a time in every Rivals mode event.

There are several Rival Modes which are easy, Just do them and post them onto the leaderboard (Xbox Live Gold Required)

Forza Faithful                                        15
Import a file from Forza Motorsport 3.

This will be hard for those who didn't play or have Forza Motorsport 3, But you can buy it pre-owned (Or New) Create a Vinyl (Only Vinyls Can be Imported To Forza Motosport 4) , Then play Forza 4 go to Paint - Import.

Kingpin                                       5
Knock down a gold bowling pin in Car Bowling.

In Rivals Mode Go to the Top Gear Test track challenge go into bowling and start. easy enough go around the track knocking down pins, you will eventually come across a gold pin, Just knock it down.

Ferrari Collector                                       40
Own every Ferrari included on Disc 1.

These Cars Are:

1969 Dino 264 GT - 55,000
1957 Ferrari 250 California - 3 million
1957 250 TR - 8million
1968 365 GTB/4 - 270,000
1964 250GTO - 10million
1991 512 TR - 75,000
2009 California - 220,000
1984 GTO - 320,000
19999 360 modena - 90,000
1967 330 P4 - 9million

2004 F430 - 150,000
1987 F40 - 380,000
1995 F50 - 400,000
2006 599 GTB Fiorano - 310,000
2011 FF - 280,000
2010 458 Italia - 240,000
2011 599GTO - 370,000
2002 Enzo - 1.3million
2010 #89 F430GT - 1million
2010 #83 F430GT - 1million
2010 599xx - 1.5million
1998 #12 Risi F333 - 2.2mill 

(These Items can be obtained via auction house or gifted)



Autovista T-Shirt
Fully explore any car in Autovista.



 Stopwatch Cap
Post a time in every Rivals Mode Event.




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Tuning Guide


[Guide] How to tune on Forza Motorsport 4

Thanks to Manual Clutch for posting this.


Free Tune List



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