Forza Hub not updating Forza 6 progress

I was wondering if this is a common issue? I have  Forza 5 digitally on my HDD and my stuff shows up in the Hub for that game but I have a physical copy of 6 and it doesn't reflect any of my progress. In fact when I click the Forza 6 column it takes me to the Marketplace page prompting me to buy the game. Not sure if MS or Turn 10 made a post about this somewhere and I just missed it.


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I don't know ,I'm stuck on 624 to the next tier(my next is 8)for a week and 1/2 know.....?

I told forza about it, and they haven't answered yet in the form of updatinjg...

They are aware of it and will let us know, on the Forza site, when the issue is fixed.

So this is a known issue? I only have the digital version and it updated for the first day or so but after that my progress in the hub wont update. It is still showing me driver level 8 and I am like at 14 now I think. It is showing no gamerscore for the game and I do have some. I hope this is a known issue so it can get fixed and not just on my end.

It would be fixed, I know, I have an update today forb the first time

Looks like I misspoke, the scores been going up, but I read thru my points and nothing has changed.......