Forza Horizons GonD Disc Read Error

Ok, I see that this problem has been going on for a year already.  Why is there no fix for this?  I have tried every stupid method you people have posted and NOTHING works.  I am so sick and tired of all this crap from Microsoft!  I either want a WORKING FIX within 48 hours or my money back from the game purchase and ALL of my in game purchases, since I cant use them without the STUPID THING WORKING!!!

Considering it has been a year ( at the least ) since I have noticed everyone else having this issue, if its not fixed, I do believe I may seek out an attorney for a very good class action lawsuit..  I only think that is fair since no one at Microsoft is doing anything about this or even refunding people their hard earned money back..


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Hi PAINTDBLAK, could you please tell me the exact issue? I understand your frustration completely since I had the same issue last year.

hello i have the same problem i made everything but nothing happend

no se que carajos hacer ya que descargue el forza pero cuando quiero jugarlo para uno me dice limpia el disco pero yo descargue el juego osea que onda

andamos igual x.x, pero cual sera la solucion? yo he buscado y no encuentro nada

What PAINTDBLAK said. I will join class action with you.

I am on a live chat now for 2 hours about this issue.  I'll let you know what happens.

Well, here is what happened.  At times I was not very nice, and I will admit that, but it's because I was very very frustrated over the issue.  I have protected the names and identifying information of both myself and the MS rep, and removed any other codes etc. that were identifying.  Hopefully this will not get modded or removed.  Happy reading:

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info: at 10:35:36

Please wait for an agent to respond.

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Thank you for your patience.

system: at 10:37:07

You are not currently in a chat session.

info: at 10:37:20

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You are now chatting with 'Microsoft'.

Microsoft: at 10:37:24

Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Microsoft. Please give me a moment to review your question.

Microsoft: at 10:38:02

Thank you for patiently waiting, Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you said that you are having issues with in downloading the Forza Horizon on your other console, did I get it right?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:38:11

Hello? Hi.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:38:27


VSCORPIONv: at 10:38:42

Please re-read what I said.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:39:10

And check out these links for this VERY well known ongoing issue, especially the first google search link.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:39:11

Microsoft: at 10:39:14

Hi there VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:39:18

VSCORPIONv: at 10:40:09

A little background, I am very frustrated at this point. I gave up on the last guy because he just couldn't get it and it's not that hard to understand.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:40:19

Here is the bottom line:

Microsoft: at 10:40:24

I understand where are you coming from VSCORPIONv, for security purposes we cannot access the link you have provided me.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:40:57

I have two Xbox360s. I am able to play every other Games On Demand game on both, using cloud saves, without issue.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:41:30

Forza Horizon is broken in this respect though, it cannot be played on a secondary console due to a problem with DRM.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:42:06

It will play play fine on the original console it was downloaded on, but not on another one (using the same Live account)

VSCORPIONv: at 10:42:31

If you attempt this you get "disc unreadable" error which is crazy because it's a download.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:42:52

If you search "forza horizon god disc unreadable" you will get a ton of hits.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:43:17

It is a KNOWN issue going back to when the game was first made available via Games On Demand.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:43:52

The suggested fix is to do a license transfer, but that DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. I want to be able to play this on any console I own, which is the whole point of downloadable games, cloud gaming, etc.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:44:48

This works with EVERY other game I have purchased via Games On Demand, except for this one. I don't want to transfer my licenses from my PRIMARY console to my SECONDARY. They are fine where they are, I just want to be able to play a game I PURCHASED on any console I OWN. Why is that so hard?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:45:35

I believe at this point I am due a refund + compensation for my inconvenience due to lost time contacting Microsoft, OR a PHYSICAL DISC COPY OF THE GAME as recompense.

Microsoft: at 10:46:33

Okay VSCORPIONv, please refer to this link for more information about Xbox 360 Digital Rights Management and it will explain all the the questions you have and why you need to transfer the licence on the other device.

Microsoft: at 10:46:44

Here is the link,

Microsoft: at 10:46:53

VSCORPIONv: at 10:47:01

So i can click on links but you can't?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:47:29

Ridiculous. No I'm not doing that. I'm already more of an expert on this issue than you are because of the sheer amount of time I've spent researching it.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:47:47

If I transfer the license to my SECONDARY console, it will then not work on my PRIMARY console.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:47:55

Which is NOT the way it is supposed to work!

VSCORPIONv: at 10:48:30

I want to be able to play it on BOTH consoles without transferring ALL of my licenses to my SECONDARY console.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:49:35

If there was a way to just transfer the license for this ONE game to the SECONDARY console to see if it would still work on BOTH then I might be willing to do that, but I use the PRIMARY one far more often and I don't want to have to transfer ALL of my licenses for ONE game when the rest of them work fine.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:50:16

I know for a fact that this will not work. It will make the game usable on the secondary console but not on my primary.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:50:39

Listen, your records show that I purchased Forza Horizon through Games On Demand right?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:51:28

So I own it and I should be able to play it on ANY console I own that I have enable my User ID/Gamertag on, right? That is how this is supposed to work.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:51:35

IT DOESN"T!!!!!!!

Microsoft: at 10:51:42

May I know if you have downloaded the main account where you purchased the game?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:52:19

Through my gamertag, vSCORPIONv, user ID *** Email address is removed for privacy ***, what else do you need to know?

Microsoft: at 10:53:12

May I know if you have downloaded the account on the second console and also download the game on it?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:53:58

What do you think? Please don't ask stupid questions. How the hell would I know it doesn't work on my second console if I hadn't downloaded it to that console and attempted to play it?

Microsoft: at 10:55:57

Alright VSCORPIONv, as much as we want to help you on your concern with regards to your issue that you do not want to transfer the license on your second console, we are not capable of doing that here an in this moment.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:56:10

I have tried all the "fixes". They are not fixes and don't work. The "work around" is to do a license transfer, again this is not a fix. The only fix is either to patch the game so that the DRM works as it should, or send me a physical copy.

Microsoft: at 10:56:34

here is a link for you to be able to voice out your concern with regards to the license transfer,

Microsoft: at 10:56:37

VSCORPIONv: at 10:56:58

Answer the question, if I transfer the license to the second console, and the issue is that this game only wants to work on the console the license resides on, then it will not work on the primary console correct?

VSCORPIONv: at 10:57:21

No, that's not good enough. You are not resolving the issue. I want a phone number to a supervisor.

Microsoft: at 10:58:10

That is correct VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 10:58:34

Then AGAIN, I am owed a refund or a physical copy of the disc! What's it going to be?

Microsoft: at 10:59:07

No worries VSCORPIONv here is a the Phone number, 1-800-469-9269 (toll-free).

VSCORPIONv: at 10:59:39

Ok, am I forced now to call that number or cannot you not help me?

Microsoft: at 11:00:45

As much as we want to help you VSCORPIONv but if you are not cooperating and if you are on that level we cannot accomplish anything. The license transfer should be done for you to be able to play it on the other console.

Microsoft: at 11:01:02

May I know if you downloaded the game through Xbox live or you are using a disc?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:01:22

Again, that doesn't fix anything! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PLAY IT ON BOTH CONSOLES!

VSCORPIONv: at 11:02:03

I said It's a DOWNLOADABLE game!!! Is English not your first language?!

VSCORPIONv: at 11:02:33

FYI, that means I DON

VSCORPIONv: at 11:02:43

FYI that means I DON'T HAVE A DISC

Microsoft: at 11:03:43

Okay VSCORPIONv, here is what you are going to do, if you are really asking for an answer and a urgent resolution, please refer to the link that I have provided you.

Microsoft: at 11:04:14

As much as we want to help you with an instant resolution that you are asking, we are not capable of doing that.

Microsoft: at 11:04:22

IF we are you do not have to ask for it.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:04:36

No, what I am going to do is elevate this issue as high as I absolutely can until I get a resolution from a real person, and I will be mentioning your ineptitude when I do so.

Microsoft: at 11:04:45

The license transfer information are all on the link that I have provided you earlier.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:05:09

Quit talking about license transfers. AGAIN, THAT IS NOT THE FIX.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:05:43

You have already agreed that this will STILL not allow me to play it on BOTH consoles, so you have not FIXED the problem, you have just REPLICATED it somewhere else!!!!!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 11:06:37

Tell me what the solution is that will allow me to play the game on BOTH consoles.

Microsoft: at 11:08:00

Okay VSCORPIONv if you are going to play the game on both consoles the game will be tag as a suspicious activity.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:08:48


VSCORPIONv: at 11:09:48

You do understand that playing the game on both consoles under the same Gamertag, when it has been legally downloaded and purchased by the owner of BOTH consoles is perfectly LEGAL and the WHOLE IDEA right?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:10:25

I think you are misunderstanding me here. I am the sole owner and user of both consoles. I have a primary and secondary residence which is why I own two 360s.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:10:50

I am the only one on either console with an Xbox Live account, and I use the account on both consoles.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:11:09

my gamertag, vSCORPIONv is the account I am talking about.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:11:46

Microsoft, do you not understand that owning digitally downloaded games and using cloud saves is the whole point behind cloud gaming and owning multiple consoles?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:13:10

Play game on Console X, save in the Cloud, boot up game on console Y, and load a cloud save to play where you left off. Works great on all other games except for Forza Horizon!!!

Microsoft: at 11:13:21

I understand what you are referring to VSCORPIONv, DRM is designed in this specific reason, to make sure that the gamertag that you used will not take advantage of the game you paid for.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:14:08

How in the world am I taking advantage of anything by trying to play the game I purchased??!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 11:14:20

Microsoft, is English your first language?

Microsoft: at 11:15:59

Let us focus on resolving your issue.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:17:17

I want to do that, but due to your lack of understanding of my extremely detailed explanations, and your extremely slow response time, I can only assume I am talking to someone whose first language is NOT English, most likely in India or the Philippines, which is not conducive to solving my problem.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:18:06

If you really understood what I was saying, half of the things you have said you would not have said.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:18:33

This issue was stated SPECIFICALLY to be a Games On Demand issue, and you asked me if I was using a Disc?!

VSCORPIONv: at 11:18:36


Microsoft: at 11:21:01

I'm sorry if I find your responses offensive. Let's be fair to these folks. Nationality does not have anything to do with comprehension. Let's focus on addressing this issue. Please allow me to clarify how the licensing works and why licenses are in place.

Microsoft: at 11:23:40

DRM is designed to ensure that sharing is restricted. If you did not buy the game or DLC, no license will be linked to your account and you will not be able to play the game or access the DLC. DRM is designed for cases when the consoles get repaired of if the old console is defective.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:24:01

Microsoft, I am not meaning to be offensive. My point is that no matter where you reside, which I don't really care about, your mastery of the English language is a must here if you are going to understand clearly what is being stated and avoid asking unnecessary questions.

Microsoft: at 11:24:11

It is also meant to ensure that cheaters will not share content and games that they never bought.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:24:19


VSCORPIONv: at 11:26:06

Is it not true that buying a digital game should make it usable on multiple consoles (not at the same time, at separate times depending on which console the primary user is trying to use at that moment). Again, this is a rhetorical question I already know the answer to, since it works on ALL OTHER DOWNLOADABLE GAMES I HAVE PURCHASED.

Microsoft: at 11:26:19

When an account buys content, a system license is attached. When you download the game/content on the console, the local licenses are downloaded too. You can only have one console to have the local license.

Microsoft: at 11:26:41

In cases when the old console is repaired or replaced, license transfer is done.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:27:12

I didn't repair or replace my console. I bought a second one and enabled my gamertag on it.

Microsoft: at 11:27:18

Most cheaters use the license transfer feature to share games and content they never bought.

Microsoft: at 11:27:38

That merits a violation of the terms of use.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:27:47

VSCORPIONv: at 11:27:58

Ok, that is not what is going on here.

Microsoft: at 11:28:04

Which in turn may result to a temporary or permanent ban.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:28:18

Again, I bought the game and it works on my primary console, but not on my secondary console. All my other GOD games do.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:29:13

Ok, you are way off base here and I don't like your threatening tone about a temporary or permanent ban. I have been a loyal Xbox live customer, and I have never done anything like you are suggesting. Now you are offending ME!

Microsoft: at 11:29:32

That's good to know that certain games work. Licensing is different for every content.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:29:33

VSCORPIONv: at 11:29:48

There is your own link about 'Playing Anywhere"

VSCORPIONv: at 11:30:16

How to use your Xbox profile on another Xbox Play anywhere The latest version of the Xbox console software makes it easy for you to use your Xbox Live profile (gamertag) on multiple consoles. For example, you can use your profile at your friend’s house, or on a second console at home. Use your profile on multiple consoles There are two ways you can use your profile on multiple consoles: Download your profile from Xbox Live (recommended). Move your profile to another console using a portable storage device, such as a flash drive or memory unit. For information on how to download or move your profile, see Manage gamertag & profil

Microsoft: at 11:30:19

Microsoft: at 11:30:33

This is how the licensing works.

Microsoft: at 11:30:48

Yes, you can transfer content licenses from one Xbox 360 console to a different Xbox 360 console. However, you can only transfer a license once every four months.

Microsoft: at 11:31:04

When you try to use protected content, the Xbox 360 console checks whether you have a valid license for that content. If the license lets you use the content, the Xbox 360 console plays the content.

Microsoft: at 11:31:04

If the Xbox 360 console doesn’t find a valid license for the content, or if the license doesn't allow the action, your Xbox 360 console won't let you use the content. Typically, you receive an error message that states why the action wasn't performed.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:31:26

Tell me this, why don't I have to transfer licenses to play ALL of the other games I have downloaded on demand on BOTH consoles?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:31:33

Why are you ignoring this question and this fact?

Microsoft: at 11:32:06

Licensing is different for every content.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:32:47

For example, I bought Far Cry 3, I play it sometimes on console 1, save the game, and pick up where I left off on console 2! I ALSO, do this on other games. I just want to be able to do it on Forza Horizon as I have done it on the other games. Please tell me you understand what I am saying here?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:33:04

Microsoft, you are giving me the run around.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:33:16

It doesn't work differently, it is just broken and a fix hasn't been made.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:33:43

Normally in the gaming industry this would warrant a PATCH to FIX the problem. This has not bee done though going back to 2013 now.

Microsoft: at 11:34:04

Yes I do and as we have discussed, the license for each content works different. What works for most game will not automatically mean that it will work for all.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:34:33

But you are failing to recognize that as a GLITCH, and not the NORM.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:34:46

That IS NOT the way it's supposed to work.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:35:28

If the game had a disclaimer "will only work on the console it's downloaded on", I wouldn't have purchased the digital version. I would have purchased the disc. Do you understand?

Microsoft: at 11:39:32

The bottom line here is that local license can only reside on one console. The system license is the one linked to  the account when you buy it. This way, you can download the content anytime. If the local license is not on this console, although the game is downloaded, the DLCs will not work since the local license for the DLC is on the other console. You can only do the license transfer once every 4 months. It was not designed for sharing but rather to ensure that content is protected.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:40:15

I'm not trying to SHARE. I'm trying to play MY game. ME AND ONLY ME. JUST ON MY SECOND CONSOLE.

Microsoft: at 11:40:56

You may activate the 'roaming license' for the game.

Microsoft: at 11:41:25

You just need to make sure that both profiles are downloaded and signed in on both consoles.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:42:32

You are plain wrong Microsoft. The reason why is since MS has allowed the same profile to be used on another console, all GOD games have enabled the usage of the license on any console that THAT profile that originally purchased the game is trying to use said game. My point is, that feature isn't working on Forza Horizon and it's a known issue. Do you understand?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:43:16

My profile, with the gamertag vSCORPIONv, is being used on BOTH of the consoles I OWN. But only by me, I can't be in two places at once!

VSCORPIONv: at 11:43:49

How do I activate a "roaming license" for Forza Horizon and why have you just now mentioned that?

Microsoft: at 11:43:59

Yes I do and as we have discussed, the license for each content works differently. What works for most games will not automatically mean that it will work for all.

Microsoft: at 11:44:30

I actually gave you the link that discusses this issue and gives you the steps needed to resolve this.

Microsoft: at 11:44:40

Microsoft: at 11:44:49

Here it is again for your reference.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:44:52

Again, you are only right in the case that it wasn't enabled, which is should have been, and if not the buyer should be informed and to not do so is dishonest.

Microsoft: at 11:45:04

If you follow the steps closely, there should be no issues.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:46:07

Is this what you are talking about:

VSCORPIONv: at 11:46:10

What is a "roaming" Xbox 360 console? The term “roaming” refers to using content that you purchased on one Xbox 360 console on a different Xbox 360 console. For example, you might download a game from the Xbox Live Games Store to the hard drive on one console. Then, you attach the hard drive that contains that game to a different console. When you attach the hard drive to the second console and sign in to Xbox Live, you can play the game without any restrictions. Note To verify the content, you must use the profile that purchased the content to sign in to Xbox Live.

Microsoft: at 11:46:18

The page discusses what and how licensing works and how you can activate the roaming option.

Microsoft: at 11:46:22

Yes, that's it.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:47:18

Ok, that isn't going to work.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:48:06

The first console has the original old style hard drive because it is a 1st generation 360, the new one (second console) is a 3rd generation 360. They are not compatible.

Microsoft: at 11:49:42

As you notice, the licensing will work only on one console. The transfer is available for customers who have issues with the other console and is unable to play the game or access content since the old one is repaired or defective. In your case both consoles and totally fine and DRM should not be used to transfer content from one console to the other.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:50:29

Ok, finally we agree on that last statement.

Microsoft: at 11:50:47

It has to be only one console.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:51:09

So In the case of Forza Horizon, the only way for me to do what it is that I'm wanting to do (play the game on both consoles) would be to buy a physical copy of the game? (Disc)

Microsoft: at 11:51:12

It cannot be used to transfer from one working console to another.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:51:33

I.e., when I want to play on console 2, i bring the disc with me to that console.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:52:44

And this is because for whatever reason the developer of the game has not allowed for the game to be played on any other console except the one it was originally purchased/downloaded to, because that is where the license resides?

Microsoft: at 11:52:49

Yes, that is correct. A game disc has a built in license and can be mobile, meaning, it can be used on any console.

Microsoft: at 11:53:09

Yes, again VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:53:20

Ok, tell me this, why have some DLC/GOD games been made to work this way also?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:53:24

But not thisone?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:53:31

I guess I want to know the WHY?

VSCORPIONv: at 11:55:05

And if so, do you agree that that should have been clearly stated before purchase, as it is an expectation of the purchaser since in MOST (in my case with the games I have purchased; ALL) other cases it works by checking your profile/gamertag against the purchase history thereby verfying the license?

Microsoft: at 11:55:08

That's the developers decision actually. We are only a game reseller and we manufacture the console where you can access these games.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:57:13

Ok, I understand that, I think it would have been a more honest approach for MS to create ONE STANDARD here though.

VSCORPIONv: at 11:58:39

I have read that in a few select cases on this issue with this specific game, MS has sent the person a physical copy of the disc. This was actually on a MS forum. Can you confirm this?

Microsoft: at 12:00:03

That's good to know that we have reached common ground. As for standard licensing, we cater to different game developers and there are agreements and certain restrictions that may apply from one vendor to another depending on their terms. As for this, can you copy the link where you got that so we can check and verify?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:01:07

Yes hold on, I will have to do a google search and comb for the link.

Microsoft: at 12:01:34

Sure VSCORPIONv. I'll be glad to help validate that. I'll hold on for you.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:03:00

In the meantime please read this, this is just ONE of the forums that have people frustrated over this issue. It's a MS forum so there should be no security issue.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:03:01

Microsoft: at 12:04:50

Microsoft: at 12:05:11

So do you mean to say that you are getting a disc error on a downloaded GoD game?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:06:33


VSCORPIONv: at 12:06:52

This is one of the posts:

VSCORPIONv: at 12:06:53

Level 1 Posted 4 Jul 2013 7:18 AM I run multiple servers and deal with code all day. I KNOW that the Forza Horizon "Disc is Unreadable" error is a coding mistake. Do something about it MS or give me a refund. I have: -Cleared the System Cache -Recovered my Profile -Deleted and re-downloaded Forza Horizon AFTER filing up the space with other content. Just FYI, the likelihood of an HDD having a bad sector just for the space of Forza Horizon, as occurring for the hundreds of people who share this problem, is close to 0.0000001%. Give me a refund. Let me License Transfer before I'm technically able to. OR fix the problem. This entire situation is a disgrace. This has been a known issue for months and MS hasn't done squ

VSCORPIONv: at 12:07:25

Makes no sense right? Since it's a downloadable game.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:07:36

Microsoft, I was explicit from the beginning that this was the issue.

Microsoft: at 12:07:54

Yes and the fix is actually outlined on the link I gave you.

Microsoft: at 12:08:10

That's step 5.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:08:30

It's not a fix though. It just isn't.

Microsoft: at 12:08:34

We've dealt with this issue and that is proven to work.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:08:41

The fix is BUY A DISC.

Microsoft: at 12:09:02

5. Go to the Games Store and download a game demo or other content that is approximately the same size as the Games on Demand title.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:09:11

Tried it.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:09:14

Didn't work.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:09:19

Multiple multiple times.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:09:31

Read the posts in the forum, didn't work for those guys either.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:11:10

FYI, I have been on hold now on that number you gave me for 1 hour. I hung up.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:11:20

At this point I want a $15 refund.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:12:14

Read this, this is from "Mister Ohnaka", an Official Support member:

VSCORPIONv: at 12:12:16

Hey folks, This is quite a frustrating issue. We really appreciate your patience, and am happy to let you know we have a current work-around. What we need to do is perform a license transfer onto your primary console. NOTE: You can only license transfer every 120 days, so if you are not using your main console, DO NOT DO THIS. This is also not an official solution, just a work-around to allow you to play your game while we continue to investigate. To perform a license transfer, just follow the steps below: Navigate to Settings. Choose Account. Select License Transfer Press "A" This should resolve the "Disc Unreadable" issue for the time being. Again, this is not a final solution. Please do not do this if you use any other consoles, as it will effect all licenses tied to your profile. Let us know how that goes, or if you have anymore questions.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:13:13

I am also reading that you guys can give me another code for another license on my second console, since I legitatmely purchased the game outright. Is that not so?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:13:52

Another post:

VSCORPIONv: at 12:13:55

Level 1 Posted 1 Aug 2013 4:10 AM Mister Fizzle... We are all having the SAME EXACT problem. We're all sick of hearing "We're working on it." or "we're looking into it." It's been a problem since it came out. Microsoft is bringing in $40 every time someone gets it, and they don't even get their game. It's not a coincidence the WE ALL have the SAME problem in the SAME place in the SAME loading screen. As for me, I want a refund cause I don't have money to spend on stuff and not get what I pay for. I give to charity for giving away money. At least until I can download a WORKING version of the game. It should work like EVERY other game, without transferring the license. Fix it

Microsoft: at 12:14:57

Can I have your gamertag and Xbox Live email to make sure that I am working on the right account?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:15:41


VSCORPIONv: at 12:15:45

is my gamertag

VSCORPIONv: at 12:15:47

email is

VSCORPIONv: at 12:15:54

*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

VSCORPIONv: at 12:16:14

If you look you will see that I just now purchased Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Microsoft: at 12:16:18

Thank you for that information. I need your permission to pull up your account details now. The system sent you an account verification code. Please check the email address that is associated with your account. Then get and provide me the code please. I need that code to pull up your account details here.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:16:30

I am an avid gamer and loyal Microsoft Xbox Live customer now for going on a decade.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:16:35

Go ahead.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:16:40

You have my permission.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:16:47

Ok hold on.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:17:14


VSCORPIONv: at 12:18:15

Microsoft Support Code: xxxxxxx from *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Microsoft: at 12:19:07

Thank you for providing me the code. May I ask for a couple of minutes to check your account's records here please?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:20:15

Go ahead.

Microsoft: at 12:21:16

Great! Thanks!

VSCORPIONv: at 12:26:12

Still here.

Microsoft: at 12:26:54


VSCORPIONv: at 12:27:09


Microsoft: at 12:27:37

May I ask if you are getting an error message when trying to access the game on the other console/

VSCORPIONv: at 12:30:04

No I am not.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:30:10

Only on the secondary console.

Microsoft: at 12:30:30

What is the error message that you are getting?

Microsoft: at 12:30:48

I am referring to the second console.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:30:54

"Disc Unreadable"

VSCORPIONv: at 12:30:56


VSCORPIONv: at 12:31:04

as if there was a disc, but there is not

VSCORPIONv: at 12:31:11

again, this is a known issue.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:31:45

it takes some time to wade through it all but a simple search for "Forza Horizon GOD Disc Unreadable" will tell you all you need to know.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:31:53

I just got a second verify code for some reason?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:31:56

Do you need it?

Microsoft: at 12:33:07

To be honest, I know that we also have other customers who encountered this issue which shows disc unreadable even it is a digital download.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:33:25

Ok. Thanks for your honesty. You would be correct

Microsoft: at 12:33:27

There are troubleshooting steps that we have tried that also work for this concern.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:33:35

No. They don't.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:33:40

I've tried them all.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:33:54

Let's please not go down that path again.

Microsoft: at 12:33:57

One of the steps is license transfer, VSCORPIONv.

Microsoft: at 12:34:15

I've handled this case before.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:34:25

Microsoft, you are sounding like a broken record now.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:34:29

I am done with this.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:34:35

Refund or physical disc.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:34:44

VSCORPIONv: at 12:35:05


VSCORPIONv: at 12:35:24

I DON'T WANT TO PLAY IT ON ONE CONSOLE, I WANT TO PLAY IT ON BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft: at 12:35:28

I will not insist you to do it if you do not want to VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:35:51

Are you going to issue a refund or send me a disc copy of the game?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:35:52

Which one?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:35:58

That is all I want to know at this point.

Microsoft: at 12:36:42

I am not arguing or will insist you to do the license transfer and I am just saying based on my experience being a technical support for how many years now on Xbox.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:37:54

Ok, well in this case you are WRONG and you are not listening to the details of the issue. If you were you would understand this point that a license transfer will not allow me to play this game on both of the consoles, and since this is the issue I originally contacted you about, you have not in ANY WAY RESOLVED MY ISSUE.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:18

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:25

Refund or Game Disc????

Microsoft: at 12:38:27

Well we have two types of license. The system license and local license.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:34

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:36

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:36

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:37

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:37

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:38

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:46

I can be a broken record too.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:38:59

I don't care what types of licenses you have.

Microsoft: at 12:39:10

The system license is the one that is attached to the console and the local license is the one attached to your profile.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:39:50

I want to be able to play the game that I OWN on the consoles I OWN. Since you cannot offer me that with a digital download in the case of Forza Horizon, then I either want a REFUND or a PHYSICAL DISC COPY of Forza Horizon.

Microsoft: at 12:39:51

If you have two consoles, you can play the game on the second console using the profile that was used to purchase the content.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:39:54

So what's it going to be?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:39:55

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:40:12

Microsoft, that is exactly the problem!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 12:40:15

No I CAN"T@!!!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 12:40:44

I cannot "play the game on the second console using the profile that was used to purchase the content"!!!!!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 12:40:58

That is EXACTLY what I have been telling you this ENTIRE TIME!!!!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 12:41:18

The reason IS: there is some sort of CODING ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a KNOWN PROBLEM!!!

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:11

If you were able to access my records, do you see that I own two consoles and use my vSCORPIONv / *** Email address is removed for privacy *** profile on both????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:15

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:15

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:16

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:18

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:18

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:19

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:19


VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:20

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:21

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:21

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:22

Refund or Game Disc????

VSCORPIONv: at 12:42:22

Refund or Game Disc????

Microsoft: at 12:42:40

Please stay with me and let me see what i can do.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:43:00


Microsoft: at 12:45:36

Here is what we are going to do, we are going to give you a 1 time customer service courtesy refund and rest assured that this request for the refund will be process now on my end, how does that sound?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:46:01

Ok, as long as it actually happens.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:46:19

Although I would have rather had the disc so I could actually play the game.

Microsoft: at 12:46:20

Great! Please allow me for a few minutes to process it now. Please stay on the line. Thanks!

Microsoft: at 12:48:25

I have submitted a refund request to your financial institution for the purchase price of the item. Your financial institution will receive the request from Microsoft within the next 72 hours, but the time it takes to reflect on your credit card statement will depend on your financial institution. You can check the refund at and I have this concern documented with case number: xxxxxxxx for reference purposes.

Microsoft: at 12:48:34

It was truly an honor that I was able to help you with this. Will there be anything else that I can help you today?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:49:12

No but Microsoft, you wasted a hell of a lot of my time by not listening to the exact details of the problem in the first place. Do you realize that?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:49:43

What are you prepared to offer me for wasting my time?

Microsoft: at 12:50:07

A free game.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:50:16

Any free game?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:51:00

At this point I'd think you guys were ready to send me an Xbox One for crying out loud. This has been the most preposterous customer service experience of my life.

Microsoft: at 12:51:04

No,  I will provide you a link that you can check on later.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:51:33

What link?

Microsoft: at 12:52:22

May I Know if you want the game or not/

VSCORPIONv: at 12:52:27

By the way, I will be writing a letter to Microsoft's corporate offices about this issue, the way it was handled, etc.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:52:44

Yest I want a free game, but I still don't feel that fully compensates me.

Microsoft: at 12:52:58

Here is the link VSCORPIONv,

Microsoft: at 12:53:03

Is there anything else I can help you with?

VSCORPIONv: at 12:54:09

How about a year free of Xbox Live, or an Xbox One? My time is very valuable, I play games to release from stress and this has done exactly the opposite. I have paid through the nose to MS for years now and although you are trying to make good after wasting my time it is not enough.

Microsoft: at 12:54:31

I am not capable of doing that VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:54:53

Who is?

Microsoft: at 12:56:25

I am afraid that can be granted since the account has already been refunded.

Microsoft: at 12:56:36


VSCORPIONv: at 12:57:15

Refunded for the game. Not my time.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:57:25

And of course it can be granted. That's not an excuse.

Microsoft: at 12:57:31

Refunded for the game VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:57:41

Now we are talking about my time.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:58:09

This should have been very very simple, instead it turned into a debacle because you failed to listen to the details.

Microsoft: at 12:59:08

There will be no compensation that can be granted, I hope you understand our limitation VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 12:59:48

There is no limitation other than the one you and your corporation choose in this matter. Anything is doable from your end. The ball is in your court.

Microsoft: at 13:01:00

I understand that  you are asking for a compensation VSCORPIONv, but if we are capable of doing that you do not have to ask for it.

VSCORPIONv: at 13:01:16

I wonder what Satya Nadella would have to say about this?

VSCORPIONv: at 13:01:29

Or Phil Spencer?

VSCORPIONv: at 13:01:43

Or Larry Herb?

Microsoft: at 13:01:54

If you want you can post your feedback or request using the link below.

VSCORPIONv: at 13:02:02


Microsoft: at 13:02:07

Xbox User voice.

Microsoft: at 13:02:19

You can use the link above, VSCORPIONv.

VSCORPIONv: at 13:02:40

Actually, I plan on writing a letter to all three of the above, with this exact correspondence.

Microsoft: at 13:02:59

Alright! Would there be anything else that I can assist you with?

VSCORPIONv: at 13:03:10

Nope. Good luck.

Microsoft: at 13:03:49

Alright, if that would be all, Thank you for contacting Xbox Chat Support. I wish you all the best! Thank you for being part of our growing Xbox Family! Good luck and have fun! Take care!  If you will be needing any assistance, you can contact us anytime through chat or call us at 1-800-4MYXBOX (1-800-469-9269 ). Thank you for contacting Xbox Chat Support.


I definitely recommend people read all of that for entertainment purposes

Glad I could provide some entertainment Squid.

In all seriousness though. Totally ridiculous. I don't believe anyone else had ever taken it this far yet though and I'm not done.

Out of principle I'm going to pursue this until they fix it or refund everyone.

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