Forza Horizon(games on demand) Problems with freezing, not loading at all.

Every time you enter single player it freezes on the loading screen, and I've tried clearing the system cache, re downloading it, and playing it offline.


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I am having the same issue and not happy about it. Bought this game and have not been able to play it so basically at this point they stole my money.

same here.  

same for me. xbox support on twitter suggested deleting the game, downloading demos to overwrite the space Forza was hogging, then re-download Forza in a fresh spot on the hard drive. But that didn't work.

I have three 360s. The game does work correctly on the one I initially downloaded the game on, but that was my kids xbox as they may play the game too (plus it means I can rope them in for some assistance with the multiplayer achievements). I do the same with most arcade/GoD games I buy, and have never had this problem before.

Same problem here. does not run on my xbox. Buyed on demand but when I try to run it send a message "Cant read the disk" 0.o. I am not using a disk. Its a On Demand Game. And I already redownload it in a Flash drive but always the same message.

Same here. Really annoying me

Microsoft never were able to give any suggestions so i figured it out for myself. This got it to work! first you remove the game from your hard drive. Then you License transfer to yourself. (the console you plan on playing on) Then redownload your game. At the first loading screen it used to say something like for optional performance we recommend installing the game to your hard drive. That should go away then it should load fine. For whatever reason when you don't play it on the original console you download it on it thinks its a disc based game. Its a bug they need to fix. Please note that this was done after the cache was cleared 3 times and 6 demos were downloaded. But since those steps failed I don't think they factor in as required presteps. Also, after i downloaded the game i switched offline before booting the game. (I'm not sure if this is required but its what I did to get it to work)

what if i cant license transfer?

Hi, wSkoutz, if you can't license transfer all you need to do is call Xbox Support, let them know the what the problem is and they should be able to let you transfer your license again.