Forza four ban????

So one of my friends just came into my party and was talking about two of his friends got account banned for having glitched rims on hondas such as the bmw rims. can they account ban them for this? The name was either massive drift or master drift the message they sent to him was not clear, The message states that he claims to be a moderator is this true? please either turn 10 microsoft or any one that has answers thank you (:


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Apologies for your frustration, however you should contact Turn 10 at *** Email address is removed for privacy *** Bans or enforcement of Xbox LIVE's Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are not discussed on the forums.

If you can PM me the name of the person who claims to be a Moderator that sent the message. 

yes,  people get banned for modded cars. nobody on these forums can or will help you. check the "Title-Specific Suspensions from games or forums." thread at the top of the forza forum page for the email address of the only place that can help you, but if you guys got caught with modded cars I wouldn't expect any love from T-10....