Forza forums?

Anyone else having difficulty accessing (posting) on the forums?

I keep getting:

Post Pending Moderation You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available.

If the administrator has configured this forum to support email notifications you will receive an email when your post is either approved or denied (if you have emails enabled in your profile).

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type messages, and the whole forum changes to an ugly all white background when I log in with my live ID.

They have conveniently disabled any way of contacting them outside the forums.


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its probably because of all the complaints being posted.

I'm guessing nobody else is seeing it then, wonder wtf is going on then.

Try to log in here first.  They have been having problems there this past week.

That's not the problem, I can log in just fine, edit my profile and all that, it's just when I go to post something it breaks. Well the whole forums thing is broken being all white and ugly when logged in, instead of the nice theme they have when you aren't. Eventually I can see my posts if I search on myself, but the link for the gamertag is broken.

Seems a bit odd. I have been able to post there all week. Now if I went to "my forza" it would take me to the old white Forza 3 page but I found a way around that. Forms been working pretty good so far.

It seems like the posts eventually show up, but still reading them is horrible, none of the gamertag pictures load, so I can't even tell who is posting it's all just the text of the posts.