Forza 5 VIP Membership not working

After purchasing the VIP membership, I still have not "received" the 5 cars or the 2x player reward acceleration. I contacted Xbox live support and they had me reinstall the entire game and still nothing. Getting somewhat frustrated with this "add-on"... only thing this has done is add on 19.99 to my credit card. Any suggestions??????

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In FM5, go to the "Buy Cars" menu. Can you see the 5 VIP cars in the list of cars that you can purchase?


When you're playing career mode and you level up - how much XP do you receive? 35,000? or 70,000?

I got VIP and only get 35k.

I am having same issue.  Tried to add a second VIP for my son and he does not get the 70K or VIP badge either.  Been trying for more than 2 weeks to get someone to respond on the Forza forums with no luck.

Are you posting under a different account over there? I only see one post from you from an hour ago on

I think the steps that Manteo Max posted in that thread ( are pretty much the standard fix for this issue. If you're still having issues you should probably contact Microsoft as I believe this would be an Xbox Live issue - not a Turn10 (game) issue.