Forza 5 Sound Problems ?

Im having sound problems with Forza 5 on the Xbox One, I have a brand new Samsung smart tv, the sound is fine on everything else except Forza 5 ! When playing the sound is fine, until you start racing, then the engine sounds & crashes etc all sound distorted/muffled, like broken speakers ? Then when the race is over, the interlude music is fine - I thought it was the tv, being ultra thin - it couldnt handle the bassy sound effects - but when I switch to different games, its fine - explosions etc on BF or Ghosts no problem ?? So surely the tv itself is fine otherwise the speakers would sound crap with everything....  Ive tried adjusting the Forza 5 in-game sound settings but nothing seems to resolve it.   Anyone else having similar trouble ?? Any ideas ?? 


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Change system sound  too Stereo uncompressed

In the Xbox One settings ? How come the sound is fine with other games then m8 ? Dont mean to doubt you, but sat here at work & cant try your fix solution till I get home...

Yes the  Xbox One setting's. not sure why it has sound problems,

but  i had this same problem and that setting fixed it.

I hope this help's

Started to have sound problems today after I installed the Road America track will try out his solution the next time I play it hope it fixes the problem.

Hey Op, I find that I completely lose all sound with F5 when I switch to the dashboard, not all the time, but sometimes.

I changed hdmi cords and it brought the sound back

A bit off topic, but kind of Forza 5 sound/music related, but does anybody else find the music so mind dumbingly boring? It nearly puts me to sleep when I'm waiting for the next race to load up!

I had similar sounding issues, all sound effects were horribly digitally garbled in Forza 5.

The tech support guy had me do two things which seemed to fix the problem:

1.)  Clear the persistent storage first. on the Xbox One Dashboard, please go to Settings >> Disc and Blu Ray >> Persistent Storage >> Clear Persistent Storage. Please do this step 3 times.

2.)  Next, we need to clear the MAC alias.

Please go to Settings >> Network >> Advanced Settings >> Alternate MAC >> Clear Alternate MAC >> Then restart the console.

wow, that solution worked for me too (rdb32606's one) but how the heck would any of us figure that out on our own?  I was re-routing cables, removing drives, anything I thought was causing the garble

besides the sound, anyone find the game lagging?  i.e. you have to press A many times to advance, etc

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