forza 4 pink slip racing

Me and my mate are just trying to liven things up a bit so what we do is class based racing loose the race loose your ride. All cars can be gifted. We are good sports we have tons of cars we could even try point to point races. Its just an idea so give me some feedback


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Amongst friends it seems like a good idea, but not with random strangers. While you might willingly give your car up because of good sportsmanship, random people could quite possibly just rage quit. If there was a system which held the slips in neutrality until the race was done then it would work.

Good point maybe we just need to find some decent guys to join up, thanks for your input though

I must say, this would be a FANTASTIC idea for the system to to moderate.


Otherwise, as a trust issue, it wouldn't work, but it's a good idea for a game mode. With the amount of money and number of cars some people have, it would be a popular mode.

I think Bob nailed it. It's a bang on idea, the title of this post got me straight away but there really would be too many people happy to take the cars and not give them should they lose. Perhaps gifting the cars to a neutral party beforehand would be an idea however you'd have to make sure that person is trustworthy.

I was mainly attracted by the fact that I have some obscene amount of money in Forza 3 and some well-tuned, decorated, sentimental, loved cars.


I would be perfectly willing to give such a car away, assuming it wasn't my last. I'll buy a replacement, tune it up, decorate it, have another good race and hell, I'll lose it again. It goes to a good racer, after a good race and I'm fine with that.


Great idea.

I can already see the messages being sent: "It handles best like this.... don't do this.... I hope you enjoy it : )".

Might want to PM the OP, He might not come back to read of your interest

Hmm...yes, he/she might be one of those phantom one-hit wonder posters.


It's a nice idea nonetheless and one that I've wanted implemented for a while.