Forza 4 Newb ?s

 Completely new to this game and xbox in general and have a few questions.

1 .. I downloaded both discs per instructions but when I go to my games, it only shows disc 1. Is this normal ?

2 .. What is the sequence to get out of the game ? Everytime I find a exit game, it just takes me back to the intro ????

3 .. Can you play any car ( such as in the original game or add on's ) at any time, or do you have to work your way up to them ? I'm just finding one car.

  Thanx for any help you can give.


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1. You just need disc 1 to play the game. The second disc has content on it, have you installed it yet?

2. Not exactly sure what you mean, when you say 'out of game' do you mean back out to the xbox dashboard?

3. You have to buy cars with the credtis you earn from winning races. However, you can play arcade mode with any car in the game (i think)

1. Yes.  Disc 2 was solely an install disc, disc 1 is the play disc.


2. In Xbox, to get "out" of the game would indicate getting to the Dashboard.  To do this, press the Xbox button (the big green domed X button), then press Y (the yellow one), say yes and you're "out" of the game and on the dashboard.


3. You can play all the cars in the Free Play mode, but in career you start with just one car and unlock new ones from there (like in most racing games).  The cars that you download from the "Marketplace" (DLC cars) will appear in the Free mode, but again, not in career mode.  That's the fun of it.  You start small and go from there.  You will win cars along the way and get a % off or free upgrade parts for them depending on how much you drive that brand of car (Affinity).  Level 4 = 100% off parts.  You will have no need to buy a car probably.  I just hit level 41 and I have bought ONE car.  That's it.

Have fun

 I know disc 1 is put in the tray to play. My concern is that after downloading disc 2 to the HD, it doesn't show in "my games" Should it ? How do I know it has in fact been loaded. When I go to "my games" it's only showing " Forza 4 Disc 1. Are you also showng Disc 2 in " my games" ?

 ? 2 was if I'm done playing for the day, what is the correct sequence to close out the game and NOT lose anything ( progress, etc )

 In addition ... are there any real instructions or guides as to how to play ... or do you just wing it ??

 Thanks for the replies and any future help. I'm kinda lost here on what I'm doing.

Just return the game, you will thank me in the long run.

I am just joking btw in my earlier post.

The game saves progress automatically at the end of races. Also when you earn badges and cards, and use rewind you will lose those badges if you go past the point where you earned them on the track. If you want to quit a race in the middle it will not save the progress and thus will not count as a loss or affect your career stats. If you pick a race from the event list it will not count towards your career progress (world tour) but you will still earn creds, drive and affinity rewards. Pick races that give you the rewards you want. If you want to level up real fast, pick the races with driver level bonus, etc.  In custom online races the more laps you do the bigger the rewards, you can race against AI only too. I would recommend getting good at the auction house. Everyone gets lucky and scores a sweet deal if you are patient enough.

 Thanx for the input KJ, but you really didn't answer the ?s I asked.

Forza will only be put in your library if you choose to install disc 1 as well (this is done to reduce loading times). As for guides to playing the game, practice practice and more practice. Chances are a new player isn't gonna be great at it, it takes time to get used to the whole thing.

As for your original questions, RunningBryan pretty much covered it.

Hope you find your way around the game, if not, message me if you need help :)