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I didn't import my Forza 3 game data at the start because I thought I would go back and work on it some more. After seeing Forza 4, chances are very likely that I won't. :) I just started (finished 2 races), so I have just gotten started. Is there any way to import that file after I started playing Forza 4, or do I need to delete my Forza 4 profile and start again? Thanks!


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Only way I found was to delete and start over.


Go into Paint, then My Vinyl Groups.  Move the left thumbstick into your own layer groups listed, and the Y Import button will pop up on the lower-right along with the other Options.

BE CAUTIOUS!  You MUST HAVE unique names (NO REPEATS) on the items in FM3 you are Importing.  If you Import an item which is already named the same in FM4, you WILL OVERWRITE IT.  The system doesn't know, and just writes the same filename over the existing one.

Chris H.