Forza 4 Gamer Tag banned message & cannot use game features.

I have been banned in Forza 4 by Team 10 due to my gamer tag, which is RWDClutchKicker.  All the message says is to go to Forza's website and read the term of service which I have and I do not know why my name has caused this.  I have had this name for a long time and have spent a lot of money on this game and RWDClutchKicker is not offensive or breaking TOS as far as I can tell.  It says I am banned until the 14th and I have a team to run and now cannot access certain areas of the game which is making it unable to play.  Can someone please help me, I have posted on the Forza forums to a moderator personally and for 2 days now have not gotten any response.  I need help


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T-10 bans are for ingame offenses, if this was about your gamer tag then the ban would have come from Xbox live....

The message says specifically it is due to the gamer tag.

I have had my xbox for years, I am 34 years old and not been banned ever for anything.  The msg. reads as follows...


From: Turn 10 Community Team

Duration: 124 hrs. 37 min 16 sec

Unbanned Date: 01/14/2013

Your gamertag has been banned from this feature.  For more info about xbox live terms of services agreement, please visit

I went to Forza, posted on the forum, sent a mod a personal replies in 2 days.  I have called xbox and they sent me here.

IF it was due to your gamer tag you'd have been forced to change your tag, I have had friends who have had to change their tags, you wouldn't get a temp ban of a gamer tag.  so better go back and figure out what you did to warrant a ban, cuz it wasn't about your gamer tag....

"your gamer tag" is just how they are labeling you. if it was your gamer tag that caused the ban you'd have been made to change said gamer tag.  you have obviously done something to get yourself banned(AH?, online lobbies?, etc...)....  just so you know, NOBODY, on this forum can help you in any way other than to direct you to the T-10 email address where all the I have been banned people must go to try to change their banned status. they are not likely to even respond back to you. continuing to post here will get you nowhere and this thread will likely get locked.  personally, I think you did something to get yourself banned, you can try to play it off like your GT is the cause but that is NOT what has happened here...

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I went to Forza, posted on the forum, sent a mod a personal replies in 2 days.  I have called xbox and they sent me here.


Looks like they gave you a reply