Forza 4 Game Disc 1/2 Issues


I never had the chance to unwrap my Forza 4 game for 360 until this week for my kids as I have been busy playing Forza 5 on my Xbox One and soon will be the 6 this week.  With the 360, I noticed that Forza 4's play disc#1 was not being recognized at all as it simply says "open tray".  But when we put in Disc 2 on to the drive, 360 recognized it and the screen states insert disc 1 after pressing A to play.  The problem is that whenever we had to put in disc 1, we had to press the eject button of the 360, take disc 2 out, and place disc 1 again.  Then the dashboard will show open tray again as if nothing was put in while the DVD tray is closed.  BTW, the 2 discs are all brand new, straight from the case, and without any scratches.  

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi iAmVaLakers,

Had you already tried going back to the store or is that no longer possible for your new game? Barring that, have you tried contacting Xbox Support on the phone? If you don't want to do that, you can always try using the steps in the below link since they are likely to use similar steps when you reach someone on the phone.