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I have been playing forza games for a few years now an just cant seem to get the tuning right.When i race with friends i just cant keep up with them as they all seem to be able to tune cars better than me.I just bolt parts on an race as i dont have a clue how to tune.Can anyone help???



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You want to get the "Forza Tune" App for your iPhone.


A buddy from work recommended this to me.


You put in your car's numbers and it gives you the settings for an optimum tune.



Yes, there are some tuning calculators that help you get a starting point but you will still have to fine tune to get the most out of a car.  Also the biggest thing isn't always the tune, it is the driver.  Coming from me, who is one of the slowest competitors in my Forza club, have used the same exact tune as some of the faster guys and I still am much slower than them so yes I suck but don't think that a tune will turn you into a speed demon.  My advice is to learn the tracks and practice your braking and exiting lines/points.

You can always go quicker using manual gears too.

Honestly, my advice would be turn all the assists off and take your favourite car around a reasonably well-balanced track for a test drive, tuning different settings one at a time.


If you don't know what oversteer and understeer are, or what downforce is, or what camber and toe do --and the descriptions in game are no good for you-- then look them up so that you do understand them.


Once you know, theoretically, what something does, tuning settings randomly while doing a test drive will highlight exactly what each option does and once you know what they all do, you can tune them to your preference.

Stick shift, you have to be able to control your powerband or your gonna get burned every time.

Trial and error.  Just muck around and tweak it here and there until it feels right to you.

ok thanks for the help guys will try, cheers

Practice practice practice.   You can also buy tunes from the Auction house or Storefront.  Maybe even ask one of your friends if you can buy a tuning setup from them.  It is still all about practicing, lap after lap.  Even if you have the best tuning setup out there, you still need to practice to memorize the tracks, learn how to brake, and how to accelerate properly. You can also ask for help in the Forza forums. Lots of helpful members over there.