Forza 4 & Forza 4 Limited - Difference?

Forza 4 Retail = $59.99CAD

Forza 4 Limited Retail = $79.99CAD


What really is the difference? I cant help but wonder if it's truly worth shelling out an EXTRA $20.00 (before 13%tax) for some gimmicky trinket stowed away in the case?

Now, if there was some REAL incentive...


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The Limited Edition of Forza 4 has 5 exclusive cars, comes in a steelcase and contains a book written in cooperation with  Top Gear that details all of the cars in Autovista.  The text in the book is identical to Jeremy Clarkson's commentary in Autovista.

The five exclusive cars are:

2011 Bugatti Veyron SS

2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Supleggera

2010 Noble M600

2011 RUF Rt 12 R

They are pretty hard to find now, but there are still a few retailers that may have some in stock.

In addition you get VIP status on Forza 4, which places your auctions at the top of the auction house.  Turn10 is gifting cars to Forza 4 VIPs as well, some of them will have special paint jobs.  The first of these cars is the '65 Shelby Cobra 427 and was gifted out this weekend.  It does not include the Season Pass as it was rumored to in some places.


I stand corrected. Thank you.

Does that VIP pass require GOLD status like Forza 3 ?

Getting a free car as a gift each month sounded like fun, but effectively having to pay 60 Euro/year for that stuff is kind of silly.

(and no ... those 'free 48h on-line' cards didn't work)

I wanted Forza 4 with the BMW M5 on the cover, the Ferrari just doesn't look as fierce or attractive to me. Thanks to Amazon I even got the LE rather cheap for €45 this week. Was holding back with F4 since I prefer to play with a wheel, and since I don't have one...well.

@ Dutch, your not really paying €60 a year for gifted cars, it's a whole service which is maintained and provides the ability to play with friend or foe. But if you get gold for the sole purpose of receiving gifted cars, well then I'm not going to argue and agree that it is silly.

@Dutch buy a years pass, round this time of the year special edition ones are out. I bought my Gears of war 3 Xbox Live Gold 12 + 2 Months for £33... its worth paying to get online, getting access to the storefront and auction house are well woth what your paying :)

The first car we got choice in was the Shelby Cobra 427, but in November I recieved a Ferrari 458 Italia (sold it as already had one) so i think the Shelby was the 2nd car for us VIP's, hopefully Turn10 will continue giving us a choice in the car we are going to recieve.

The 458 Italia was actually for those of us that pre-ordered and participated in the pre-order incentives program, it came along with a Spirit-R and Joss JT1.  Hopefully the remaining VIP cars will be just as nice as the Shelby.

really? haha it said nothing when it sent me them :P lol but i knew about the Spirit-R :P should maybe read the fm forums more often lol...

i hope they will be just as nice and expensive :) feels great getting expensive cars free for being a vip :P means less building up money for each car :)