forza 4 A.I.

How do you (if you can) adjust the ai in forza 4 career??


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You cannot change the A.I. Difficulty for the season, however you can change the difficulty level in the event list if you can't get past the a.I. In career.

It is much more competitive this time around(FM4) then in FM3, the compitition is all upgraded with the quick upgrade for the current class, and wil go full throttle in the the straights, but can't corner for sh!t, so get moar gooder and it will be fine!

So far (from the demo) I really like the AI in F4.  They actually seem to be aware of where you are and don't endlessly cut you up in corners or drive in to you as though you're not even there.

Try out the rival events in career. Seems like the drivers of the "traffic cars" are suicidal.

From what I've found the AI in the career is amazing, I've seen some AI drivers spin out on corners, go wide etc. (just like real players would)

The online racing AI though is thick as dog dirt, I've set up an online race for a a few mates of mine and we added about 10 AI drivers.  I set the AI ability to medium and they were terrible, on the multi class race we were driving D class and were overtaking the AI in their A class cars.

To make the online AI more like career AI I had to set the dificulty to hard.

I never see the AI spin out or drive wide in world tour aka. career mode.

The AI is turned to max. difficulty automatically I think (setting AI to easy on events, racing around in world tour and then coming back, it's set to professional) and I can't change that. My "hire a driver" finishes on last place regardless of selected car so I need to drive every race myself. I always start in the middle of the grid, except on multi class events, and have to fight my way to 1st in 2 or more laps (2 laps to get to 1st on A or better classes is HARD!). If I manage to beat the AI and I get a clean lap, my time is in the top 1-3% of the scoreboard. The Top Gear/etc. challenges are super-easy, so those are the only ones I can relax in.

I don't enjoy this game at all. I'm not looking for a challenge here, I just want to casually race the single player campaign and then start grinding the times if I have free time. I don't want to go 100% from the start on tracks I have never raced before and the AI knows exactly where to break, etc.

The difficulty can be adjusted before EVERY race regardless of whether you're in Season Play or selecting from the Event List.  The actual A.I. difficulty is based off of how you drive then what you choose for your settings such as EASY, HARD, etc.  If you always use EASY settings the A.I. will never be as good as you're driving.  I also don't have the problem of having to reset the difficulty that kRypt0nium has stated.

I can't really enjoy driving the game with full assists on or even some assists on. What's the point? No other game makes you do this. It's like playing some sports game, like NHL and if you want to set the AI on easy, you need to let the CPU control your skating and all you can do is press A to shoot and B to pass. There's no fun in playing like that. Resetting the difficulty does nothing to the world tour AI, it doesn't change. I'm 99.999% sure that Turn 10 will not add an option to change the difficulty manually, because they think it works (obviously because it ended up in the game), so that only leaves the option of trying to sell this game or use it for firewood/-plastic. This game is ruined for me.

I really don't like how the AI behaves in Forza 4.  Even on medium difficulty the AI cars are way too cautious on the corners.  I liked the AI better in Forza 3.

[quote user="darkcrypto"]

I liked the AI better in Forza 3.


I thought the AI was pretty lousy in 3, and I'm not overly impressed with what I've seen of it in 4, to be honest.  I've only played the demo so far, but from what I could tell, the AI seemed maybe a bit more difficult than in the corresponding setting for FM3, but they still had a tendency to pull the same boneheaded maneuvers when trying to pass you (or being passed) cutting straight across your hood when clearly you have position on them, or sticking their nose into your back end and spinning you out for no reason, etc.  It still seemed like they just made a decision about what to do at a corner, and stuck with that decision regardless of how the situation may be changing around them.

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