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Seeing the use kinect for achievement rules out a purchase. For me.

You’re not going to buy because of one achievement? Really?

I like going for 100% completion ratio in all games. Some I can't because of single player and I am fine with that. I don't have kinect and I have no interest in it. Therefore there is one unobtainable achievement. Achievements are one factor I use to rule out a game for purchase.  That achievement rules it out so I can now look at other games to buy.

Curious.  You're not even 100% complete on FM3 (neither am I, BTW).  Not wrong, just curious.

For one I have been focusing on other achievements that are time consuming but fairly easy to get.  Secondly it is a matter of time until I finish it. I usually get about 25 laps in before the game gets mentally exhausting. Lastly if I don't get all the achievements in FM3 it is because I didn't finish and not because the  developer requires an additional purchase of technology. I like that Forza games have provided me four years and endless hours of races to play.

Okay, but

1.  FM3 has been out a long time and you've had it since at least 10/28/2009

2.  the only races that are longer than 25 laps are the endurance races and there's only about 10.

3.  I've had it since 3/16/2011 and I've got 925/1000 (with MyForza being down and FM4 coming out I've given up on the auction house crap and buying DLC to get the all manufacturer achievment).

Again, not saying you're wrong, but you've got some very curious logic for not buying FM4.

It is weird I admit but it is something only a small few can understand. Also I did not meant the 25 laps is to be one race. 25 is about the number I feel tired from playing it. I have done more races in the event list then I have in season play.

Kinect achievement? GAH!

Not a deal breaker for me - I'm not a completionist. Maybe I'll borrow one just for the cheevo.

Thanks for the link. Greatly appreciated. I'm getting the LCE and it looks like I'll be having a trusted friend get me the Kinect achievement.

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