Forza 3 Steering Wheel

Good morning, forgive me if this has been covered but since I can't search the forums I have no way of knowing. 


I am looking to buy a good wheel with pedal set.  Wanting something that feels real and will last longer then 6 months.  I also want something that will work with Forza 4 or other wise i should save my money and buy when forza 4 comes out.  I have never used a wheel with the X360 and would like something that works better than a joystick.


What do you guys recommend?



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But I would wait for their new wheels...supposed to come out later this year.

Here's a link to the article on the new Forza 4 wheels.

Nice! Ill hold off for it!

I currently own a few Fanatec products (GT2 Wheel with shifters, RennSport Stand, ClubSport Pedals), and posted my thoughts about them here if you're interested.


It's a fairly lengthy read, but I think it's good information (if I do say so

I agree; it was great information.  In fact I almost bought the same set-up until I saw the E3 article about the new Forza 4 wheels.

 Now if I can just convince the household CFO in October...

november please :D? , can't wait till all new games come out :)!! , add me on xbox btw :)