Forza 3 no online lobby

Under multiplayer there are no lobbies. Says 0 players. Are servers down, or did this latest dashboard update mess it up. Help please.

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at me wrong

Umm okay.......Am I the only one having

this problem?


Hey there. You are not the only one with this problem. I checked it earlier this morning, around 3 PST, and it said all servers were down. Don't know if they are closing them down due to FM4, or they are having technical difficulties.


technical problems,ye right ,i had amessage on F2 after theyed turned server off that my gamer tag had been tampered with , funny because it works on all my othre that means i cant  play F2 agian or i can but with out an auction or no way of making big £ SOOOO i thought ide dig out F3 [rubbish] and would you belive it thats fu..... as well.F4 at christmas try and get the most out of it before they turn that of asswell ........

Thanks for the info Juveluve!

I have the same porblem, I cant even go to the auction house either. the worst part is I have a few million dollars tied up in the auction house that im starting to get worried about!