Forza 3 Invalid Profile


Just got this message on my New Slim Xbox.

I had been playing Forza on Old style Xbox for over 18Months before the Xbox went bang so started again after getting the Kinect Xbox for xmas.

After searching through forums and internet I found that someone had posted here (Colt45 UK title: Invalid Profile :( )

This reply was posted," I would try posting this on the forums at " I have been to this site and here's what they say:

Q: I’ve received a
message saying that my profile is no longer available and must be deleted to
continue. How do I correctly delete my profile so I can play Forza 3 again?

A: Here are the steps to
correctly delete your profile game save:

  • Navigate to the “System Settings” menu of the
         Xbox 360 Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to “Memory” and select the location
         where you save your Forza 3 profile (Memory Unit or Hard Drive)
  • Select “Games” and scroll down to find Forza
         Motorsport 3
  • Locate a file that displays your current/active
         Xbox LIVE Gamertag. It will say “Saved Game” below it.

this file and re-boot Forza Motorsport 3 to start your new career.


What I don't know is IF, after doing this what happens to the VIP & DLC you purchased. I have emailed Turn 10 BUT didn't know if anyone has gone through this and could tell me. The DLC you have when you first buy game (24 Digit on Card after rubbing), can you still get a hold of this? Can you still get the content you have got through XBOX Live like the Car Packs or the Pictures/Themes?


I tried to reply to the original "Invalid Profile :( post But it wouldn't let me.




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Deleting your game save profile will not delete your DLC - these are tied to your GT.

You can always re-download DLC at anytime.