Forza 3 Cars...

Totally cheeky I know but I've only just started playing forza 3 (like an hour or so) and I was wondering if anybody would like to give me a cool car. I had loads for forza 2 (untill my hard drive had a fit) and I was wondering if there was any cool paint jobs in this game too :)

Peace Love and Sharing xxx


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just race. you will get cars for leveling up (which is easy to do in a private online race with all computer cars). a lot of times you will find some really good paints in the SF for free, as some of the ones already up are hardly worth 10k

you will get free cars for the first 15 levels i think , have at it

So many good cars.

You unlock new cars every few levels untill you get to level 50. by that time you will have enough money to buy the cars you need just like the rest of us did.

Paint jobs are fairly easy to do once you get your head around useing the shapes and layers.

im happy to give you a few cars