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Sorry.  I only recently (6--4-11) started my Live account.  Been owning a 'Box since 2001.  I get it that Forza 2's had 4 birthdays.  Was just wondering if anyone was still out there racing C and D class cars.  Either during my install or Live activation, my offline progress seemed to be void.  Achievements stood and so seems my saved game.  But my Live career started back at Level 0 yesterday.  Thought it would be more fun to work my way back up vs. human competition as I get reacquainted with my driving Zen.  Just completed Asia and Rear Wheel Cups.  Hopefully I can upgrade to F3 soon.  Just looking for some 360 launch title comp in the meantime.  Thanks.

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Normally, I'd say pick up Forza 3 because it's only $20 BUT Forza 4 announcements and videos have been rolling in and I'd totally wait for that.

I would definitely get Forza 3 now and play it as much as you can. When Forza 4 comes out on October 11, you will be able to transfer your Forza 3 career over to Forza 4.