forza 2 auction house

does any1 no if the servers for this has closed as ive tried selling cars through the auction hse it takes 100 cr off me but then when i go to auction hse to look at the auction it says their is no auctions. any help would be appricated 


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My guess is that the servers are just dead seeing as most people have moved on to Forza 3 then to 4 and now to horizon. Not sure if you can see your auctions in the auction house unless your looking at the my auctions tab.

I have to agree with EC here.  In the xbox world unless it's Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War or Halo.  Each new install of any series looses it's popularity to the newer game.  In this case we are talking about three games later. Time to move on and let Forza 2 rest in peace like it did six months after release. :)

it wasn't dead 6 months after release.. heck I played it a few months before forza 3 game out and loved the auction house aspect.


Horizon is pretty fun OP, and it's only $15 at many places right now look around, I got mine $15 at walmart black friday and I was so happy.

ive just got this auction hse chiv. the servers r on for a few dayz then turned of for a few dayz