Forum Regulars Leaderboard- Version 29: The "Gaming" Edition

One thing unites us all here, and we all know what that is, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Gaming.

Guiding And Meeting Interesting New Gamers

Yes people, we are here to share the online – and offline for that matter – experiences we have, the great achievements we gain and most of all, share the fun we have playing to the end of the night [:)]

Competing and challenging each other to make the fun more fun.  To gain boasting rights and to enjoy the games on this very system.

Here’s to another 50 pages (or however many it may be) of our gaming progresses and enjoyment.  And of course, who can forget gamerscoring [:D]

But first, there are a few need to knows:

Zen Like Calm is in charge of the Daily Tracker. The top five players of the day before, all the changes in the Leaderboard and anyone who has achieved a milestone  And if you get all 3 at one time then you get a triple trifecta, yaaay, more boasting rights [:D]


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Major Rebirth is the one who does the Gamerscore Challenges. Sign up, and try to unlock as much Gamerscore as possible.

The list for making the next thread:

30 - ShadowMonkey987
31 - A for Amnesty
32 - isturbo 1984
33 - CovertBike
34 - MacsterChief Qc
35 -
36 - xDJNeLLieNeLL
37 - NuclearDronkeys
38 - Xterma Nader
39 - Drzg
40 - Bluntman1138
41 - Lavindathar
42 - xxDinosaurus

This thread is dedicated to the start of this leaderboard.  Without it, well, that’s another universe [;)]

Remember, keep things on topic and most of all, have fun [:)] 

To start on something, to save space on post tagging, let’s mention our top most wanted to buy game out of the releases soon to come in the remainder of 2011 (why not, let's add 2012 also :) ).  For me, it would have to be Forza Motorsport 4 [:)]


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First post! Bam!!


Nice work, Panda.


Today I started getting into full swing with Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. I needed to get my completion percentage up, so I'm popping in older titles I've already sampled. Also just beat de Blob 2. Gonna go back and get some of the collectibles methinks. And hey, if anyone hasn't played Portal 2 co-op yet, let me know.--I need the achievement for running a person who hasn't played it through the tutorial stage.

I edited in all the new stuff that Zen has added for you, Panda. If I missed anything, let me know, and I'll edit them in as well. Nice job on the thread.

Very well done.  Glad to see you back if at least to post the thread.  It's a bit sticky though so be careful.  Maybe people will see it and hang out with us.  ALL ARE WELCOME, AAAAALLLLL ARE WELCOME.


The forum regular leaderboard should have a facebook fan page. I'd "like" it

Well done.

Halo and CoD are so boring to play alone, and for some strange reason All my friends stop getting online... :/


I'm currently enjoying indie games, Fortress Craft is so fun, to bad some stupid random came in and ruined all my hard work, had to start all over. Partly my fault, for allowing randoms to join and edit. I hate randoms.

Ooo,shiny new thread.Got Lego Pirates in the post so that'll keep me busy over the weekend.

[quote user="Sword StyIe"]

The forum regular leaderboard should have a facebook fan page. I'd "like" it

[/quote]Actually, it does. Linky


What game is today's header from?   It's a fairly easy one.

42 people on the leaderboard have gained a total of 3,944 points today.  Here are the top 5:

  • DarkDesert29 - 440 points
  • NuclearSlurpee - 365 points
  • Knewrome - 335 points
  • Mangled Rex - 217 points
  • isturbo - 255 points

There is 1 position change on the leaderboard today

  • Tornadic1224 has taken 48th spot from LithiumRainn

There are no Milestones today.

Yesterday's header was from Mass Effect 3.  Noboby got it right.

Here is the full picture





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