Forum Game Night..

What happened last friday?

We trailed off and had ignorance befall our shiny custom games.

Sure, most of our past regulars were AWOL, and such.

I myself, couldn't stand certain.."captains" running their mouths.

Well, that was then. This is now? Is anyone to host another?

I like the principal of it all, mostly when we trail off in groups and go matchmaking.

"Don't be afraid to boot 'noisy' randoms. They'll get the hint"


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im sorry, its all my fault, i would have bogged the group together with bogaglue if i didnt have to work so late in the end!

ha ha but anyway, I have pencilled this friday in and tried to rule out 99% of distractions, i think Haraki was going to do another?

Yeah, i just found the forum with everything. Your the new guy right?

Kewlsauce, send and FR and let's play sometime.

yeah mostly new, i joined the forum when heaps of classics were helping alot, lotus cooks issac modest sion and so on and so forth, and got to join a few game nights before the new forum! so i think i only joined around nov/dec last year!

my mouth doesnt run too much whilst playing, i mostly just covey only the necessary, and concentrate too much!

I would still do them... if I had much of a reason to come to these forums anymore besides twiddle my thumbs and stare at an avatar shrugging his shoulders.

OMG, BFBC2 has the 870?

I love that gun in Rainbow 6 [:P].

how come i get the feeling that after i left, everyone else decided to do the same? anyways, if anything, i suppose i'd be able to host if no one else steps up to the plate.

I can't belive you didn't get Battlefield Bad Company 2 Bob! I think you would have enjoyed it. It is the most fun you will ever have playing with friends. Well, other than a really fun and innovative custom game.

add me plz

I'll play if its a regular weekly thing :)