Forum for [insert game name here] Missing.

So, the forum for Daggerdale is missing or was never created, why do we need to go to the general discussion board for this?

There should be a way for us to make a new forum (to be approved of course) but since there is no manual for this new forum format and I can't find ANYTHING under Xbox live arcade in under the heading A - D I figured I'd make some noise.


I've noticed that there are a great many game forum headings missing. daggerdale, castle crashers, every arcade game i've looked up...


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Many games are still missing.

I want to believe that they're continuously adding more to the forums.

Homefront in specific came out a few weeks after the launch of this forum format.

But it would be nice if there was a system where somebody can petition a creation of a forum.

The Australian forums never got re-instated. We had a good community there for years. And nobody knows who to talk to about it. These forums are a mess. There was so much info in the old forums, castle crashers, other games, walkthroughs, etc. :(

Somebody should be getting a pay-cut unil they get the missing game sections back, Surley they can just get a pen and paper then look at the old forum then pigging write down whats missing from here,,  

Been looking for the Need for speed HP section for days now, guess thats another good game they forgot about :(

Currently there are only 5 XBLA games on the Xbox forums, and as Pinbot said, the lack of the Australian section is a disappointing to say the least.  Bad form, bad form.


In all honesty, I don't see anything updating on these forums until after E3 is finished.



I don't know why it is taking so long just to open the remaining missing game/international discussion forums.

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Poor show MS, poor show.

[quote user="LOL AT UR SKILL"]

I don't know why it is taking so long just to open the remaining missing game/international discussion forums.

[/quote]I think the last line in my post above yours would answer that.  They're too busy getting ready for E3 to worry about the forums right now.


I've said it before, but they should have finished these forums before they closed the old forums.  These forums can be really good when they are finished.  The problem is they aren't finished.


Game Room Forum? No sign of it..ive contacted support about this issue twice now...

We have (the previously active Game Room Retro Community posters) been left out to dry, ignored repeatedly (despite very polite requests for info and updates...) then dropped like a Hot potato..not what I would expect from a huge corporation like Microsoft...not good enough guys...wheres the Customer Service?