Fortify Enchanting

Has anyone come across a fortify enchanting weapon that I can disenchant and learn it? If so do you remember where you found it at? Thanks!

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Anyone have any ideas?

Doesn't exist. Sorry

doubt forty enchanting would go on a weapon, only damage based enchants go on weapons, like fire, shock, ect. they have potions for enchanting, not sure if they actually have armour with that on.

What about fortify smithing location?


Fortify smithing does exist. It can be found on armor, gloves, rings and necklaces. Haven't found any yet though. Sorry :/

Keep checking the shop vendors.  I found a set of bracers that fortifies smithing by 15%.  As for enchantment, you can find or buy potions that will improve your enchanting skill but I don't think there is a fortify enchantment for jewelry or armor..  

gear that spawns in chests/shops is usually random, so no set locations really, except quest items and such.