Fort knoxs.

245 gold ingots on my table at whiterun... It looks awesome if your wondering why..

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It would look awesomer if you could stack them into a pyramid.  I gave up trying to stack ingots. =(

great idea, do you have transmute.

yea trying to stack them sucks, and yes transmute is awesome.

Haha...that's not a bad idea...might have to make my own treasure room....I think I've got well over 100 various gems stashed away in chests in my houses........yeah..nice pile of gold ingots, couple of dwemer bowls filled with assorted gems...maybe a few necklaces, rings, couple of dibella statues....wish you could drop coins...

nice idea for the gems Zombie Bogan, gonna have to do that later.  Fill one with diamonds and saphires.

Nice, I'm going to make me a one eyed willy table.  Have to figure out how to drop coins.