Formal PvP

So any formal matches going on? 
I'm looking to improve my game but I allways end up in 2v1 situations. (Now some may argue that THAT will make you better but I don't see it :P)

SL 121


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I'd be willing to spar with you some time.

Sounds good!

*Is not adorned in full havel's during pvp*

Add me, don't have my Xbox with me but the next time I go home or something we can duel.

Been trolling the forest for an hour now.

Was nothing but farmers in Anor Londo.

Having quite alot of fun running around with parrying dagger and priscilla's dagger :P

Should go get the gold tracer (I think thats what the dagger is) from the dlc if you have it

I really like Priscilla's dagger, except for the fact that it doesn't build up bleed very well.  It's so stylish though.

I do enjoy the Gold Tracer's R2 attack with the gold tail and all. It just annoys me that you can't kick while wielding it ><

Priscilla's I mostly use as a decoy. I get in close and slash a few times to reveal that "I have incredibly short range" before I whip out the Lifehunt and mash right trough their guard :D