Forgot password and secret answer to my gamertag?

dont know what the hell I was smoking when I made the password something different than my usual one. Either I forgot which email address I made with my gamertag or I was actually a moron and forgot both my password and my secret answer.

So If I forgot my secret answer and password am I screwed? (when I phone xbox support)

When I phone should I say I forgot my password so when they say "whats your email" ill say the one It should be and theyll say yes or no to that.

what if I have my birthday and name right, is that enough?


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Hmmm i'm not sure, is there no way to have your details sent to your email?

You won't be able to get it back if you phone them without all the information. This has happened to one of my friend's accounts.

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Well as long as you can answer other security questions, such as if there is a credit card attached to the account, and the actual number of the card etc.