Forgiveness for me dupeing.

I'm posting this to say that i'm sorry for what I did, and I'm no longer doing it. I would like to get forgiveness amongst the forum users so we could possibly play in game some time. If you don't believe me then thats alright, I don't blame ya. I won't be dupeing any more and i'll try my best to get the legendary gear, even if it takes me months on end to get it, I will also give any extras away for free, meaning tradeing it. As I said, you don't have to believe me, thats your opinion and i'm ok with it, other then that, i'm sorry again, and hopefully we can all be friends, if not then alright to.


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[quote user="DarthLama"]I'm a bit confused, can someone explain to me how 'duping' ruins the game?[/quote]Like you said everyone in public games will eventually be running around with OHK weapons if duplication of items isn't stopped. There is no point in playing a shooter when everything dies in one bullet.

No need to get forgiveness from me because it DID NOT ruin my gaming experience. Believe me, if I knew how to do it, I would do it myself.


It in no way shape or form detracts from your gaming experience if someone else dupes so their friends can share the wealth and offers no advantage or creates an uneven playing field due there being no versus mode in BL2. Duping is king. Share the wealth.

The developers knew about duping in BL1 yet made it even easier with the money trade option. They don't agree with it affecting other people and neither should you.

In summary ; Dupe like a BOSS

It gives the game replay value. Where is the replay value if you get everything in two or three playthroughs?

[quote user="DocHolliday 7"]

I think the developers will come out with a patch to fix it.                                                                                  [/quote]

Nope.  Never happen.  People complained about this from day 1 with the original game, and they did absolutely nothing to stop it.  The first game was actually worse to play online due to the fact that people were duping modded weapons that completely ruined the game not just for them, but for anyone whose game they joined.  Plenty of people will still be playing this game for a long time.  Time will show that I am right.

i'll do it when I find someone willing to do it. The good loot just doesn't drop often enough, and when it does it just leaves 3 people feeling like crap.

Yea rma316, a lot of modded stuff was duped on the first one that ruined it, yet a lot of people still play it funny enough. Duping by what we know, will possibly never get pathced. If it is, we know some one else will find a way to dupe it after any how. I've stoped doing it my self unless its like rma316 and Durva, if its a drop we all worked for, i'll dupe it, other then that, not gonna happen.

[quote user="DREAD SHOCK"]

Dude, don't apologize and listen to those other fools! It's not a crime and the developers knew about this. If they were that worried about it they would have found a way to keep people from doing it. I used this technique last night so my sons and I could all have cool weapons without having to give them up.

Also I think that doing these type of things just adds to the fun of the game. I have all the weapons I could ever want and I've completed all the missions but I still play to help other people finish missions (because they're fun), level up other characters, and to get achievements like killing Donkey Mong and a Chubby Varkid (because they're fun).

I picked up Resident Evil 6 the other day (which LOVE). But I still find myself playing BL2 in order to finish the game completely. RIght now I'm walking around trying to discover all the locations. And in less than 2 weeks the Mechromancer DLC comes out. Those awesome weapons and gear I have won't work for that character until she's a level 50. And when the enemies levels go up those level 50 weapons won't be effective at all. And the hunt will be on to look for more weapons, and the duping will continue.

It's not like when people use modded controllers or aim-assist bots in multiplayer matches. Just like one of the other posters in the other thread you had said, you usually play with friends anyway, so what is it hurting. You're not taking anything away from anyone else.

There are SOO many other things in life for these people to worry about than duping in BL2.

[/quote]Hey Dread Shock, I am also a parent and I am really surprised that you "dupe" with your sons. As a parent, I teach my children that cheating is not "cool" and yes, duping is cheating. If you don't aquire the item fairly through the game or by trading then you should have to play until you get it. I do agree with the poster who said that they just duel to see who gets the item. That seems like the fairest way to determine who gets the loot! As for the OP- its good that you realized duping is a form of cheating. What happened to the old times when you had to work for what you want?? Duping is like a "gateway cheat". It opens the door to more cheats and cheaters. Like one of my old friends said when I asked him why he would use a modded controller: " I only use it to level the playfield. Everyone else is using them!!" This is when I lost repect for him for "following the crowd". Play fair people!! (And what you don't realize Dread Shock is that you are taking something away from someone- the innocence and feeling of self achievement from your children, by teaching them that cheating is okay.) Would you think it was okay for them to cheat on a test at school? Cheating at anything is just that- CHEATING.

only time i've duped was when my buddies and I were farming got a great item and felt only right that everyone get a copy of it since we all worked to get it

well, I put up a thread on the Gbx forums, after 5 mins , I had 40 lvl 50 orange items. The guy did not even ask for anything in return, not even sure if they are dupes or not, he just dropped them, then left. I am just glad I can now remove that stupid rare drop relic.

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