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I was working on a map with a friend of mine the other day for roughly three hours. The map is actually very generic and is made for a one bomb **** gametype. It's basically a maze where blue team spawns on one side with the bomb while red team takes the snipe towers and watches out over the field. We were adding a couple of finishing touches and decided to give the map a go with a couple of friends.


The first few times we played the map we were blue team and another player kept saying something about the map was acting weird. When I got to be sniper I saw what he meant. I looked near where the blue team spawn and one of the 2x2 blocks I had laid there kept flashing and popping up and out of position before falling back down. I asked them to look at the block and they claimed that it wasn't doing it on there screen, that is just wasn't there.


So this block I placed is only showing up as a glitchy piece on red team but not even appearing on blue team? Any idea how to fix this? It isn't the draw distance because we created it in the coliseum.


Thanks in advance.


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It's just faulty geometry. There's a ton of it in this game for some reason. Just go back into editing and move it a bit. Slightly reposition it or slightly change the angle of the piece. That will usually fix it.

That cleared it up. Thanks mate.