Forge Island Available For Download

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that Forge Island is currently available for download. This is about 2 weeks before the announced release date of the map, so it's unsure whether or not this was intentional or a glitch. Either way, get it now (especially if it is a glitch and you'd like to start Forging)!


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I'm pretty sure it is intentional. I saw it on their facebook page today. Doesn't sound that big (island instead of world) but maybe I can make some fun stuffs.

It's intentional, they said in the bulletin (think it was the bulletin) it was ahead of schedule and might get released early.. I was thinking April 1st maybe, but guess they went even sooner.

Oh wow. I read the bulletin. Must've missed that part. But yeah, shortly after I posted this BS Angel tweeted out that it was officially released. So yeah!


@IssacClarkeSNL, it's a series of 3 islands. One huge, one medium, one small. It kind of is a smaller version of Forge World. They're all perfectly flat spaces with no obstructions. Some new palette include a Green Screen (for Machinima directors) various trees, and some new rock formations. Not sure what else has been added.


Just to put it in perspective, the size of the largest island is about the length of Ragnarok. So it's basically if you expanded Ragnarok into a perfect circle. You can also build down to the water (and under the water's surface) as long as the water doesn't go above the waistline of the Spartan. It is a pretty large map.