Forbidden spells?

Do you think Bethesda should do a DLC pack of forbidden spells that have unique properties like how they did in oblivion with the spell tomes DLC pack. I love naruto and I was thinking since we have a fire spell that burns and does damage, how about a spell called Amaterasu (black fire) thats burns everything until there is nothing left it can even burn fire it self. If you use this spell on a enemy the black fire burns them until there's nothing left and all you see is a black outline of where there body once was. Please don't think of this as a stupid idea, post your ideas for possible forbidden spells.


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I think some spells should be banished/forbidden and used only in the dark brotherhood. Edit: Not as powerful or similar to what the OP Posted

O ya it wouldn't be a spell that would be easily accessable you would have to complete various things in order to obtain it. and using it ALOT would have serious side affects, One time would make you temporaliy blind (fuzzy screen and blacked out look to it. Using it alot like every 5 mins would cause you to lose your eyesight, only way to counter the effect would be do  a certain quest to achieve perfect eyesight. I borrowed the idea from naruto lol

That is absurd, thats the magic "he who shall not be named" uses.


Voldamort, it was voldamort. I said it.

The only "forbidden" spells taht I could think of were Necromancy and high level Conjuration. And those are just looked down upon, not forbidden.

His name is Taboo! Snatchers will be at your door in seconds!

I like the idea you have here. However the spells of such power would have to be very difficult to obtain. I think it could be a pretty cool idea.

Get it on the PC. Spell Alters will be up in a week.

I wish we could still create our own spells...