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after buying numbers of designs and splitting them down . adding to my storefront , Ive now found I'm under review , after long talks with xbox staff and searches for turn 10 number ( so we can Talk ) Ive come to dead ends , i for one am sick of this ..say i buy a unlocked design with rights from designer to sell , how come turn 10 , with a word of (bad boy A256a ) put them under review says in foraz 3 clearly ..go race make money buy cars and designs move up in foraz ..i you buy knowing good are okay , then why do they do this ..Ive put down payment £40 with another £15 to pay out Foraz4 , on Foraz 3 ive got all DLC pack moving into £200 also i payed for year Gold on Xbox ...seems to me ill do same on Foraz 4 .... 1.Turn 10 should hit the scammers not the good guys ..2. they should have a telephone number where i can talk and others ..3 whats point in under review , when your should be doing your job getting rip of scammers not guys and girl that buy , with honestly ...get your act togather turn 10 ..if i get baned for this but I'm one upset gent I'm 45 yrs old not a school kid *** modding steals crap .


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If you're waitin on Turn10 customer service stop waiting right now, you're just wasting time.