For those who need help with the achievements...

If anybody needs any help getting any of the following achievments, you can send me a FR, and I can help you get them in my world :) Send me a message about what you need help with when you see me playing Minecraft (which is quite alot,lately,lol) and I'd be glad to help :) I have an abundance of all the items needed for the achievements listed below:



-Dispense With This
Construct a Dispenser
-Into The Nether
Construct a Nether Portal.
-The Lie
Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!
I just listed some of the chevos that you have to put more time into than others to get,so that, for the people who just want the achievments right away, they can get them quick :) I can also help get the REALLY easy ones if you really don't know how to make bread, or make a workbench xD You all can also add me if your just interested in a game, helping me adventure through the Nether, or build some crazy stuff :)

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know anything about the rail achievment