For those trying to acquire nirnhoned gear...

Here's the deal:

The guildmaster for my guild has all 34 pieces of gear available. 

You provide the 10k in gold plus the gem required to craft the piece. He will craft the item and trade it in person so you don't have to worry about getting ripped off and the COD tax is avoided as well.

He also offers a membership of sort where you pay 200k gold and then have access to one of every piece of gear at your leisure, you just have to send him the gem.

This is for AD NA. If you are a different alliance you can probably still work something out with him.

If you're interested send me a message on Xbox Live.


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only 200k....sign me goodness man....i feel lucky to have 16k

Yeah, not for everybody, but in the long run it's not a bad deal at current prices. Still have the option of doing a single piece if you don't want to or can't go all in. He may even count the 10k as a down payment if you talk to him.

Nirnhoned traits  will be nerfed in imperal update fyi

I'll be back

Anybody know of a guild or person in DC EU that is doing this?  I have a pile of nirncrux burning a hole in my pockets and would love to learn at least one trait.

lol nice....a community rip off program....