For those that make video walkthroughs...

I was playing Outlast tonight (pretty decent survival horror game) and I had a problem...I couldn't find a key card so that I could access a security room.  Well I thought I could just go online and find a quick TEXT walkthrough somewhere with the information on where to find it.  All I could find was VIDEO walkthroughs. I suffered through it and found my answer, but it made me think about how horrible some video walkthroughs are.  


BizarroMantis's suggestions to keep your video walkthrough from being painful for the viewer:


1. Don't wildly pan the camera for no apparent reason. 

2. Don't try to be a comedian through the video unless you really ARE a comedian.

3. Don't scream, make weird sounds and sound effects throughout the video.

4. Don't spend a lot of time on collecting and sorting your goods during the's tiring to watch.

5. Don't have a friend join into the commentary because it usually results in a lot of laughing and pointless noise pollution.


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Also, don't spend absurd amounts time talking in circles, over explaining things no one cares about. Why you bought the game, why this game is better than that game, why you prefer some weapon over another weapon,  why you're 42 years old and still live with your parents, etc... I just don't care. I clicked the video because I wanted to find out how to do something. Tell me how to do it, then shut your mouth.

Make sure it's a  walkthrough, not a playthrough.  No one wants to see your 5 failed attempts at getting the level right.  If I'm consulting a walkthrough, chances are it's because I can fail at it all on my own.