For those still with MW2 - question

OK I haven't touched MW2 for a very long time.   But want to know a couple of things if someone knows or could find out be greatly appreciated.  I don't have the game anymore. and was wondering

1.  Is party chat still disabled on certain game modes?

2.  if it is - can you sign in on a second controller with another gold account and then launch the game with first controller gold account.    can the second player's gold account remain in party chat?

3.  trying to see if it did for a game thats coming out that is planning on blocking party chat.  


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1. Yes.

2. No.

3. What game?

dark souls

Why party chat? Just talk to the guy sitting next to you if your splitscreening, duh? I dont understand the motive either? Some game mode allow party chat, just play those?

were you dropped on your head a few to many times?   Do you think I would care about party chat with someone split screening?   I have no intentions of playing that god awful game MW2.   I was trying to find a work around for party chat being disabled on this game thats coming out.   wanted to know if my idea worked which space answered.

Wow.. Why would you ask us for help, excuse me, trick us into helping you and then insult a game that we all like? There was no need for that. Maybe YOU were dropped on your head a few times..

I love how a guy asks a simple question and the OP gets his panties in a not then suddenly acts like he is some sort of Master Race because he would 'NEVER' play that God awful Modern Warfare 2! Such is a game only for peasants and commoners.

I imagined him to be like a really snooty-fruity rich person wearing white gloves when he said: "I have no intentions of playing that god awful game MW2". I also liked that he didn't tell us what game he really needed this info for. Like we're all not cool enough to know what it is.. lol

Although I can see why you guys might be angry, but I'm just as mad as him. Taking party chat away from a single player RPG is lame. The mutliplayer mode is set up so that you see blood trails and ghost images of how players die. They claim "we don't want people cheating". Total bullshit.