For those complaining.

Why are you complaining!? I see everyone saying "It's the same thing" , "it's MF2.5" , "Why don't they change it"

This is SUPPOSED to be an arcade-like war experience. If they change the whole gameplay the it wouldn't be COD. That's why more people play COD than Battlefield. It's more fun! Battlefield is more of a SIM. And it's just not as fun. If they change COD into a SIM no one would play! Maybe just the Battlefield fans.

And I'm sorry but to me they've added a bunch of new stuff. Graphics, features, ect. It's an amazing game. Well worth what it costs. So for all you haters, go play battlefield or something cause apparently that's what you're looking for. That way we have more space on the servers for us :)


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Half the complainers haven't even played the game.

Some of the haters are just plain stupid. I think we need to dish out a few Darwin Parachutes.

Could you imagine if they took something that most 30 something men loved like Baywatch and changed that?  No one would watch. Thats why it stayed mostly the same from start to end. It's a winning mix, don't stir it up.........

Im with you bro! The people that bash with "it hasnt changed comments" obviously havent played the game.

Thank you! lol

Totally agree. I love the series, and have no problem in continuing to support it.

I played it and its just a rehash of MW2 with a few changes nothing major. Im not a hater but a realist and realisticaly the game is virtualy the same. You see I bet they could of gave us all we see in the game as content. But NO they want our money so they waited and waited until Black Ops was done and released this. I realy liked MW2 but I'mn not a dummy and can tell its just an old game in a new wrapper. 5.5 out 10

Do not agree completly with your comparison.  But they are both diffrent games.   Really they are stand alone. Not sure why people keep putting them together.