For the 360 MK fans who feel they got jipped by no exclusive character

Mortal Kombat Stage Fatalities: Kratos!! watch your steps


Mortal Kombat Fatalities: Kratos Wishes He's Still In Hell


Hopefully watching the God of War scream in agony while he's being brutalized by Mortal Kombat characters makes you feel better. 


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me neither because gear of war 3 has all the exclusive  that characters we need...   :)

U forgot Link for GameCube version of Soul Calibur 2 and I hated the HALO armour in Fable II (Limit Edition) 

But I agree, I don't feel jipped either!

He only has one Facial Expression.. I feel better now.

I invite anyone who didn't like Link in SC2 outside for a game of fisticuffs. Queensbury Rules with a relaxed view toward use of bricks through windows.

i have it on both systems..........Do i feel jibbed! HELL NO!

One character isn't enough for me to make a fuss over :\

[quote user="Valorik"]

So ... whooptie do. The PS3 got Kratos, who can't even be used online in competitive play, BTW. So what's the point?



He can be used online. He's banned from tournaments, though, as all console exclusive characters are.

Can't say it bothers me at all. I never saw Kratos as imprortant in any way and fully enjoy the game without him.

Not really..I get why PS3 got an exclusive, I just don't like it.

aaaaah since i hated the character since gow 1 those vids made me happy face :)

Oddly, I don't feel "jipped" at all. "Exclusive" characters in fighters are usually just lame marketing ploys, and this one was no different. I'm no system fanboy, but I could practically SMELL Sony's desperation with the Kratos thing. I've always found it pretty lame when they try to tack on characters who really don't belong in the game's universe AT ALL just for the sake of going "oh hay look giuz you can only use this doode if you buy OUR system/version lololol!"

I HATED the Halo/Spartan character they put in Dead or Alive 4. She was just a lame skin who had like 75% of her moves stolen from other fighters. Vader and Yoda in Soul Calibur IV was just retarded, and this is speaking as a long time Star Wars fan too. Spawn and Heihachi in SC2 were a joke too. Heck, I was a huge Zelda nerd back in the day, but even I was like "lol wut?" when they put Link in the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2 too (he was an extremely broken character, BTW).

So ... whooptie do. The PS3 got Kratos, who can't even be used online in competitive play, BTW. So what's the point?