For People new to Forza 4.

Since there is no manual.  Here are some questions people have asked me about Forza 4

** Certified Races are always ahead of Uncertified Races.
** Uncertified races are if you go off the track, hit the wall, or use Rewind
** Autocross events you can hit the gate and not be Uncertified, but it does add 5 seconds
** Autovista Easter Egg - to unlock warthog you need to beat the challenges for all locked cars
** No Endurance Races in Forza 4
** You can't delete any messages from Turn 10 in Community, but can from everyone else.
** You have 150 Driver Levels and 50 Affinity Levels.
** Between Driver Level 1-50 you're awards cars and credits, after 50 only credits
** Your Affinity affects relationship with manufacturer.  Between Levels 1-5 you receive discounts on upgrade parts and credits  After Level 5 parts are free.  You continue to receive credit rewards for each Affinity Level reached.
** Career Play - Event List - Blue squares = car in garage eligible for race, green squares = current car eligible, grey squares = no car eligible in garage, black squares = future download content.
** Community is basically the online portion of game. 
** Marketplace is X-Box Live Marketplace.
** Any car can be repainted in Paint Editor.


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