For everyone with invisible NPC problem!

I don't know I it will work for you guys, for me it does always! I log off, close the game and turn off the xbox! Then I turn it on in 10-20 secs and start the game from the my games folder! Maybe its even easier but this works for me always so I don't change it lol!


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Another simple fix is to go home, start another game...wait 10 secs, then go home, start TESO and it should also work. Hard rests once in a while aren't a bad idea either.  

that is what i have been doing and it works for me

I had this problem with a boss in a dungeon for a quest. Logged out and back in and he returned. You can also just quit the game from the dashboard and load it back up without having to turn off the xbox

Just logging in and out? I'm gonna try, I said maybe its even easier lol thank you though

You know logging out and in can fix this too but I havn't had the issue except for 1 time