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I am atempting to start a website for clan leaders to sign full teams to make some clan battles. I plan on running a schedule for MW3, BF3, and Black Ops, so if you have a clan that can fill 1 or more squads for any of theese games, and wants a little friendly competition and a yearly title, send me a message. I am just kicking around the idea for now, so I am looking to see what kind of responce there is. What do you think?


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I think it's a great Idea! I would love to set up a BF3 clan battle! I have a clan called Lethal Precision Squad, and we have 17 members. This is a great Idea! HMU!

im gonna see what kind of response i get, if all goes well, ill be contacting clan leaders right after the new year.

My clan, FGC, has been kicking the same idea around since about August. How would you like to partner up and get it done? We have the basis for it, and why struggle against each other for members when we can work together to make it better for the community as a whole? Hit me up if this idea appeals to you. :D

Sounds like a good idea to me! Sounds like game battles except less *** lol I hate game battles because the stupid MLG losers think their sooo cool because they have a 4 figure income lol i make more then them at my minimum wage job haha losers. Yeah this sounds like a great idea I think you should do it. My clan is the H.S.S.R. we got around 20 members, we're not to big but we're big enough.

Looks like we are getting a good response, Im gonna start working stuff up for after the new year, If any others want in, nows the time, Keep your clan and play with other clans.

Not too dampen the mood but we compete here for MW3, Gears 3 and fifa its UK based so you have to have a UK host but apart from that its a cracking league to be in.


Good luck if you decide to go ahead with the league idea !

Im sure there are several leagues doing it, but I couldnt find any good ones that didn't want to make my clan join theirs. Plus I dont have a UK host.

I am Co-Founder/Operation Leader of Team ICEE. this sounds like a pretty cool idea. I will discuss this with my other Co-Founder and our Core Members. Please post some more details about this idea, so I may discuss it with them. Check out our website: www.iceeclanmw2.webs.com

You can also check out www.xbox360clans.net

It is a place where any Xbox 360 clan can come to share ideas with other clans. It has so much information on there it will take you all day just to see parts of it. It has transformed my clan.