For BioShock Fans - A Novel!

"BioShock: Rapture is a written work set in the eponymous BioShock universe. John Shirley is the author, and the publisher is Tor Books. It's story covers events from the creation of Rapture until a certain point before the first game. Both familiar and lesser-known characters from the BioShock universe will be expanded upon in the story, as well as locations like Apollo Square and Point Prometheus. "

Take a gander at the BioShock Wiki and you'll get more information on it. There's also some really, really nice cover art pieces floating around. Looks really promising and I'm already sold on it.


(Thanks to Kyburz on the official BioShock forums for the informative post.)



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Got it, and read it in 2 days!!

Excellent storytelling.

The timeline of events in the books does not work well with the timeline in the games. Little details are overlooked, and larger ones glossed over. Saying that, though, the book is entertaining.

Im more than 1/2 way thought it and really enjoying it.  

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know about this I had no idea. I know what I'm getting for Xmas!!

Finished reading it and really enjoyed it.  It was cool to see how things started from the beginning and I mean  before Rapture was even built.

I just picked up the book and I'm loving it so far!

Great to know, I was late to playing Bioshock 1 and 2, played them for the first time this summer, and now I want more but Infinite is so far away! I'll have to pick this book up.

Well, this reply is really late, but I just now have heard of this book, and I really want to read it. To my local library! *super hero transition*

great book, if you love bioshock, then the book is for you