for anyone who has played both XBOX / PS3 beta's

What are your thoughts on the differences? I'm a bit frustrated because I much prefer my XBOX for the controller and social elements but there is no denying this game is a BEAST on PS3. It's very close to what we've been seeing in the trailers and you really see, hear, and feel that Frostbite 2 engine. All that combined with the 1 Blu-ray disc, early DLC etc are pointing me toward a rare PS3 purchase. Anyone else feel the same?

Oh and FYI to all these "it's only a BETA the final build will be much better" - i'm sorry but the PS3 already does feel like a near final build, that BETA you're playing is more or less what you are going to get.


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Graphics don't make/break the game for me.

played both,they are as bad as each other.

Both seem the same.  I do get into games easier on ps3 compared to xbox.

For me most games look better on the Ps3 than the 360. Ps3 games are more vibrant but I prefer the 360 controller over the Ps3 controller when it comes to shooters. And as it was said above there's more of a social community on the 360 side rather on Ps3.

played both.........dont really like either. cant put my finger on why i dont , i just dont

pc is where battlefield shines.aint no planes or tanks on the console beta.o ya pc gets 2 maps 4 the beta.sooo go play cod,you wont be missed.

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played both,they are as bad as each other.


Agreed. Me and my roommates have been TRYING to play the Beta on his PS3 and my Xbox 360 to no avail. We get dropped every 10 minutes or so. I have only actually completed around 5 matches total... out of dozens upon dozens of attempts. I can't even count how many times I've played a game to the very end screen, over a half hour of play, and have it drop right then and there. I have never went from one match to another seamlessly without either having to restart the matchmaking or restart the entire beta itself due to it freezing all the time. 

I wish I had more to say but... the lag and everything really takes away from the overall experience. I did think the Xbox 360 version looked better but... I just can't tell for sure.